Oceanic Servers?

RolphyRolphy Member, Early Access

I'm from Australia, just wondering if there is any plans for some Oceanic servers!


  • JakulaJakula Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    I hope so, the lag tonight is unplayable. My most recent game saw me warping all over the place there is no way I could actually contribute to my team. Most nights it has been alright, mind you my ping always says "bad". 
  • Void2258Void2258 Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    @Jakula There is a glitch with the dashboard right now. To see if this is the cause of your problem, after the game launches, alt+tab out, close the dashboard, and then see if your ping stops sucking as bad. If that fixes it, please let the robots know over in the thread about this on the bug forums.
  • JakulaJakula Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    @Void2258 Thanks heaps for that will have to try when I log in tonight!
  • KaXaSAKaXaSA Member, Early Access
    Same problem playing from South America even if you close the dashboard it still lags like hell. The game looks great and I loved OMD 1 & 2 but yeah.. these kind of games need local servers to work. :P  
  • NeouniNeouni Member, Early Access
    I can play on NA and EU servers and I'm in the Netherlands.
    Only trouble I get on NA servers is that mapview lags a bit behind when streaming.

    So maybe you need to tone your graphic settings down.
  • jjaksjjaks Member, Early Access
    Im from australia aswell, the only thing keeping from being a founder atm is the obvious lag issues. Wondering how it will change over the course of the beta/release
  • Bump, because I'd love to hear there are aussie/oceanic servers coming! The delay is pretty harsh!
  • Yep please oh god yes, loved the other 2 games and was really excited about this one but the lag is pretty bad even on much better than average internet speeds then a lot of people around here
  • I'm running a guild for Australian players so that we may find people who play at the same times easily. Friend me in game (yobbobear) and I can send you an invite. 

    Sadly there are no Australian or oceanic servers at this time, however I don't usually have too much of a problem when playing. 
  • It would be nice to have Oceanic Servers, especially when Sabotage it out. It's not absolutely terrible, but every game there is a obvious delay to everything. One of the biggest setbacks is having to stand quite far in front of Satyrs and Kobolds as a melee to hit them. 
  • No plans for Oceanic servers at this time but it's something we're keeping an eye on. We know how tough it can be to connect to online games from Australia.
    Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
  • Correct Harmonia, you must have heard about the pile of junk the government is calling Internet infrastructure. 
  • I googled the distances to see if EU or NA servers would be a clearly better solution and was disappointed to see that Australia is pretty much equidistant so there just doesn't seem to be any "best" option. Let us know how the servers are doing for you guys.
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  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
    edited April 2017
    Yup. Unless there is a Hawaiian server. 

    To to be honest pings are usually shown as high, but packet loss for me is rare. 
  • @Harmonia
    The servers are alright, there are definitely moments of intense lag which will last a whole match. But I am usually sitting at around 300ping. It just means we have to adjust accordingly, like I stated earlier all the faster enemies I have to be sure to stand a few metres in front of them as a melee to hit them, if I stand right on them, I can't hit them. Of course it's less noticeable for slower enemies, but it's always there. It would be a nice thing to have for sure, especially when Sabotage comes out.
  • i hope they add Oceanic servers soon, playing on high ping can make this game pretty unenjoyable. Hope the devs consider it.
  • I've seen a few negative reviews with folks saying they get steady 300 ping from Australia, so I hope you guys will continue to let us know how the current experience is!
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