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Weekly challenges are a new game mode featuring rule-bending gameplay. Each challenge is played with a restricted set of heroes, a pre-defined deck, and a modified ruleset.

The weekly challenge changes each week on Tuesday at 10:00AM CST. This is usually during our weekly maintenance window.

How do I Start One?    

You can access the weekly challenge via the Play and Profile Tabs.

The Weekly Challenge tab is located above the difficulty selection.

You can also access the weekly challenge through your profile.

What are the Rewards?

Completing this challenge with each defined hero awards a Hero Victory chest to the player. In addition, obtaining 3-star or 5-star for the first time awards a tiered (Apprentice, War Mage, Master, or Rift Lord) chest to the player.

I received two War Mage chests and one Hero Victory chest for completing the weekly challenge. I can earn two more Hero Victory chests if I complete the challenge with Maximillian and Zoey.

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