Disable low hp effects hub ?

VyleonnVyleonn Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
Hello how can I disable the red contour and the sound when I'm low hp ? It is so annoying !! Thank you


  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    I'm not sure there is a way to disable it. I agree, it gets on my nerves as well.
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  • Agreed, I've learned to dread this in the short amount of time I've been playing. It would be nice if we could alter it, and/or turn it off entirely. I don't mind the idea of the screen telling you, "Hey! You're low on health!" but this is more bothersome then anything else as it stands.
  • I agree 100%, don't like it and it's the first thing I disable in 99% of my games
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