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Greetings and well met. M'name is ATNicholas, but you can call me whatever you like. I've been a pretty avid fan of Orcs Must Die 1 and 2, and enjoyed the games for a heck of a long time. Recently I only just figured out about Orcs Must Die Unchained. I recall an alpha a long time ago, but something went astray, so I figured it was just a fake site trying to get some info or something. Glad to see it's still around! Not so glad it would seem I've missed out on all the goodies concerning the Founders Pack and promotional skins, which I tend to have quite the obsession over.

I suppose I'll just have to live with that, or do my best to. I'm enjoying the game thus far, I don't really have any friends that play so I've been playing it like I was on Orcs Must Die 1 and for the most part 2, but it's been fun never the less. In case my friend starts playing, I'm trying to get him the promotional skin that's going about currently, the Lionheart Max skin. I know everyone's after it, but it would have a special place in his heart. He goes by the name Leoheart in basically every game he plays, and tends to run with a lion for his picture, or a heart. It's like a match made in heaven! Heh! I'm hoping he'll play.

I was -really- interested in Bloodspike, looked him up a bit and bought him with the gold I'm guessing everyone starts with. Turns out.. he's forced to stand still while attacking, unless you do a jump-attack method. It makes him so horribly immobile. I wouldn't mind if he was slow, but he comes to a complete stop? I feel stupid about the purchase, despite loving the game it's self, I'm feeling pretty emotionally conflicted so far. Should've bought Ivy, I know she doesn't have that issue, I just assumed Bloodspike didn't. I'm off to a pretty bad start in this game, all things considered. xD
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  • You will get the chance to play other characters if you do the Weekly Challenge. Skulls drop fairly quickly so don't worry too much about Bloodspike. I'm sure he will get improved in a future patch. 
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    Meh, I'm nine hours into the game thus far, I'm no where near getting close to Ivy. I'm more or less stuck playing with characters I'm not all too hyped about. Max is alright, but I'm a person that finds and picks a character to main, specialize, and once I feel I'm experienced enough, hop to another character. (Though likely my first will always be my go-to hero for try-harding!) So I'm pretty demoralized right now, I feel as if I'm forced to play a character I haven't a lot of interest in.
  • Sorry if I wasn't clear, but for the weekly challenge all necessary traps and heroes are unlocked. This means you don't need to own any of them to play the challenge and all traps are set to level one (even if you do own higher levels of them). 
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