Can't beat the maps

I've not beaten any maps consistently with any hero on any difficulty save 2 apprentice maps, Baths and Eventide Ramparts. I'm not getting chests because I'm not beating maps, so I'm unable to progress. Random teams are failing nearly every time I get into one and despite grinding out enough skulls to get Cygnus and saving my coins to get Oziel, I'm not going anywhere. I understand that this isn't supposed to be a solo game, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be playing (and I certainly won't be investing in) this game as there is seemingly nothing I can do to advance, other than hope for a random win. That's not a good feeling, definitely not fun.


  • ScizSciz Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Hard to help without knowing some more specifics about what you've been trying, but don't take the presence of matchmaking as a mandate to use it. It is very much possible to solo your way through the game.

    If there's any specific advice you want, ask away.
  • NerbilNerbil Member, Early Access
    You need trap upgrades. Play the maps with random people and get trap upgrades faster. Also, please note that you get bonuses for beating each map with each hero character. So, on Baths and Eventide, have you beat those two maps with all three default heros?

    Don't resist playing multiplayer, it's fun, it's co-operative, and much easier than finishing maps on your own.
  • CruelerCrueler Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
    It's hard to understand what you mean, even with tier 1 traps you can still easily beat most maps
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