Stuff I'd love to see in Orcs After Dark

MolteninkMoltenink Member, Master Founder, Early Access
Hey guys, I thought of some stuff that I'd really like to see happen in OAD.

I think it would be really neat to review some footage of anyone who has posted good runs or ridiculous killboxes that they have come up with and see if the robot team could emulate or improve on the killboxes that they have seen in action.  I think discussing the why's and hows of strats and killboxes the community is using to clear levels would be a great learning tool for people who are casual players or dont frequent the forums.

Also I think along that same line, it would be cool if you guys chose a map each OAD that the team plans a really effective, or potentially wacky strat that they could attempt to execute on stream so we can see the kind of stuff that could be done to clear a map in interesting ways.

Lastly it'd be cool if we could submit some scores on maps via screenshot and have the robot team attempt to beat the score in a single run.  Put the score up on screen so we can see what they are up against.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Don't expect too much from robots, we saw their unique playstyle before :D
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