OMD U Retail Timetable

WarlokWarlok Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
Apologies for asking this, BUT... now that the focus has returned to PvE, and given the extraordinary progress in that direction within the last few months (!), I am curious as to the target date for a complete version 1.0 release. Ditto for my gaming cohorts.

We do not wish to plunge into the Beta full-time :), lest we weary of the experience *before* it is feature-complete (the danger of open betas/free-to-plays), nor do we wish to grow accustomed to routines/mechanisms that get changed in a run-up to retail release. Note this abstinence is difficult to adhere to, given that Orcs must die.

Heck of alot of fun btw. LOVE having such a diverse & large array of characters to play as.
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