Trap level cap and apprentice chests

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So as i understand once your traps hit 7, you can still get trap XP cards from chests, just you can't do anything with them. It doesn't seem to skip those traps in the card draws (which would have been nice to increase the chances of something else not maxed)

It almost seems like i shouldn't even bother with the apprentice stages after 5 star, as rift lord chests seem to have plenty of Apprentice/warmage stuff in it.

However, I was thinking that if the card draw selects type (trap/trait/guardian, etc) then another role for the specific guardian/trait, THEN it might be better to do all the low level chests first, because it would mean when you did get a trait from a rift lord chest, it would be a rift lord level trait and not an apprentice one. But this would be only for traits/guardians AND assuming it worked like that.

So is there really point to it? or suggestions or such?

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    Well listen I had the same idea from day one, so I farmed apprentice heavily... then warmage... etc...

    So... if you ask me? no, it's not worth it farming apprentice atm, because yes, commons from the apprentice bucket will drop like crazy in RL chests and as for the other items, the apprentice chests have only 1 card, so that's one RNG draw, and chances of getting rare items are very low unfortunately.

    And despite having farmed it heavily, I still haven't gotten the moon guardian and many app. traits... and most of those I got, I got from higher tier chests...

    All that said, it's really about "luck of the draw". So you might get luckier... Hopefully they'll fix the lack of tier cap somehow and it'll be a bit more worth farming, but for now, nah...


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    more draws each chest vs reduced pool of items. Unless you want something very specific that drops on apprentice, its indeed not worth it at all.
  • What about for trait and guardians, they i assume reduce the pool, I just wonder if it's one roll for everything possible or several sequential rolls for type then sub type .. or etc

    I wouldn't be surprised if lightning rod and other master/rift lord rewards are less than 1 in 100. Given the limited number of chests of each type, I think there were something like 40 stages with 15 char + 3*/5* ... so 700 chests... not sure if i'll get a tier 3 lightning rod

  • For completion sake i went back and 5 stars all my apprentice/warmage, didn't manage to get any worthwhile traits or guardians or much

    Traps - 44/53
    Parts - 19/37
    Gear - 7/12
    Guardian - 8/13
    Trait - 32/47

    From those numbers, for a rift lord chest, I will probably have an 80 chances to get a trap to get traps or parts and 25 for gear/guardian/traits, or 1 in 5, with 5 cards per, I'm getting average luck if i get a trait/gear/guardian every 5th rift lord chest (even more for the lower card chests) and as I get more, the odds get worse.

    Sadly these numbers are disregarding the common/rare/epic, which i'm sure affect the chances, and probably make it abit worse odds for getting the rare/epic traits

    I wish they'd give us some self determination in this....

  • I keep getting barricades even though i already maxed it out to lvl7, I wish those traps can at least be removed so I can get a better chance of other, or be able to sell /trade the extra I get.  
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