Refer a Friend - Pre & Post Wipe Question

So I had referred a friend previous to the patch. We recently started playing again. We have played 5 more games since the wipe, do we not get the referral rewards again or is the referral now dead and not give anything? I ask because I can see the games won still going up after each game.


  • AlyStorm24AlyStorm24 Member
    edited April 2017
    If you received awards already, like for 20 wins, before the patch the only other reward you will get is the remaining one at 50 wins. I'm not 100% sure this is what you are looking for but another person can always add on.
  • The rewards are

    5 game win = 1 chest
    20 game win = 3 chest
    50 game win = The elusive Blackpaw Skin

    so your next rewards would be at 20 game and then 50, if you already had the 20 game reward then you`ll have to wait for another 30 game before the next one
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    If you got some rewards on a previous patch (after patch 1.6) The rewards are still the same and the counter didn't reset so if your friend already have 5 wins, you can only receive the 20 and 50 wins rewards.

    20 wins reward is 3 chests of your highest unlocked difficulty (Apprentice, Warmage, Master RIft Lord)
    50 wins reward is a Grand Vanity Chest and The exclusive Blackpaw Skin "Blackscale"

    For referral before 1.6 I'm not sure but if the wins are counting it should give you the current rewards.
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