Question for Crebstar

goomistergoomister Member, Early Access
Hello Crebstar, I am goomister, you still been playing for a bit now, and I know you helped me significantly in one of the old matches of PvP, since then we have had each other on our friends lists and I am glad to still see that is the case. My question for you is, 1. Would it be ok if I streamed Orcs Must Die! Unchained on with a streaming community I in? and 2. Would it be possible for you to join us and maybe do a Q&A with me and the members of my streaming community about the game and the Orcs Must Die! franchise?

I would understand if that is something that is not possible or not in your best interest but I thought I would still ask. 


  • I don't want to step in for good ole Crebby, but I can definitely answer the 1st question for you.

    Yes.  It is definitely alright if you stream OMD!U.  There are a few others that do already and they used to have (and are going to have again) Featured Streamers on their official twitch channel.
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