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Playing as Stinkeye is very different from playing the other hero's, his abilities have to be shot directly in order to use, so sit back relax and ill tell you a great way to use him in your battles

  • His main attack is called Prestidigitized  projectile, this attack will send out a relatively fast moving arcane ball, and this attack is what activates your totems  that you place down, be aware that any minion or ally can get in the way and block the projectile from hitting the totem.

  • His secondary attack is called Arcane anomaly, this attack causes a ball of arcane energy to charge and then explode after 2 seconds and costs 65 mana, after using this ability it takes 7 seconds to cool down.

  • His Q ability is called Wrath of oasis, when you put this totem down you can shoot it 3 times before it disappears. every time you shoot this totem it shoots out 5 projectiles that seeks out an enemy (but only a shot distance away, remember that). it also shoots minions passively but only 1 at a time. it costs 25 mana and takes 10 seconds to cool down.

  • His E ability is called Zepher of oasis, when you put this totem down you can shoot it 3 times before it disappears. even when you haven't shot this the slow effect still works, however when you shoot it, it will stun minions for a short period, it will also increase the speed of allies (again, only in a short distance away). it costs 25 mana and takes 10 seconds to cooldown.

  • His passive is called Shamans blessing, this ability makes it so that every time one of your totems disappears a new totem appears that shoots out a beam that damages enemies, but you have to ether have another totem it can connect to, or another Shamans blessing for the beam to appear. also, whenever one of your totems disappears after shooting it, shamans eye will spawn wherever your standing and not where your totem was.

All right now that we know his abilities, lets take a look at his upgrades.

  • in tier 1 at battle level 2 you get the following choices.
  1. Psalm of speed: increases the area of effect of Zepher of oasis by 35%.
  2. Acolytes advantage: Friendly allies and totems grant you a health regeneration buff.
  3. Distant doctrine: Increases the range of your totems by 35%.

my personal suggestion is to get Acolytes advantage or Psalm of speed, both are good in my opinion, Distant doctrine only increases the range of which you can place the totem itself, so it isn't worth it.

  • in tier 2 at battle level 4 you get the following choices.
  1. Heretic harassment: an arcane anomaly appears when a shamans blessing totem is lost.
  2. Anomaly awe: your arcane anomaly now stuns minions for 3 seconds.
  3. Devine demotivation: the debuff for zepher of oasis is increased by 10%.

my personal suggestion is to either choose heretic harassment (but only if you choose arcane apocalypse at tier 4 battle level 10 later) or anomaly awe which is what i choose, that way you can stun them while they stand in the middle of a trap, I find divine demotivation to be worthless in my opinion since it already stuns them in the first place.

  • in tier 3 battle level 7 you get the following choices.
  1. Booming benediction: Reduces the cooldown of arcane anomaly by 33% (now making it 4.69 seconds for the cooldown).
  2. Skull saviors: reduces the cooldown of your totems by 30% (now making them 7 seconds for the cooldowns).
  3. Totem testament: adds 2 extra projectiles to Wrath of oasis (now making 7 projectiles shoot out every time).

actually all of these upgrades are great, if you find you use arcane anomaly a lot like I do then pick it, if you use your totems a bunch pick that one, but the one I usually pick personally is totem testament because i like being able to rely of it in times of need.

  • in tier 4 battle level 10 you get the following choices.
  1. Angry oasis: you can place down 1 extra wrath of oasis totem at a time.
  2. Arcane apocalypse: a small arcane anomaly forms also taking 2 seconds before exploding when an enemy dies from a normal arcane anomaly (pairs amazingly well with either anomaly awe or heretic harassment).
  3. Sermon speed: you can place down 1 extra Zepher of oasis at a time.

again, all of these upgrades are great, I always choose Arcane apocalypse though, this is just my personal choice.

now we move onto the different traps, gear, and consumables that work well best with Stinkeye


The way I like to play Stinkeye is as a dps kind of character, I usually go with the following traps in my loadout.

Cursed ground (Stinkeye already uses arcane damage in his normal attacks so this only increases his normal damage)

Barricade (like I've said before, this should be in every loadout in my opinion)

Arrow wall (its a classic but its great for long walks minions have to go through to take extra damage)

Boom barrel roller (those spots on the wall where traps cant reach minions? place this down, it'll fall right on there heads)

Dragons lance (this also uses arcane damage, all the more reason to use this so you can boost your own damage)

Haymaker (always good to have at least one trap to delay minions)

Speed pad (Stinkeye feels so slow, so having this put down helps you either catch up with a fast minion or get to a emergency fast)


first off DO NOT USE ARCANE BUBBLE BLOWER you can use it with any other character fine but with Stinkeye the game thinks that you have used Arcane anomaly and will use your mana. now with that out of the way, here are the two i think you should use

Mages clover (its always nice since your arcane anomaly uses a lot of mana)

Vegetable of mending (since you have no way to heal, this is always nice to have


this part is up to you, this is just what I go with

Potion of rage (extra damage from when things get dire, note that this does not transfer to your totems)

Potion of health (nothing says "I love you" like full health when you had 1hp left)

Now then, since we know everything that you should get and have, as well as what everything dose. lets put it all together into a strategy for Stinkeye shall we?

your the one who has all the traps that deal extra damage with your attacks, set them up is strategic areas minions will be forced to walk through in order to really damage the minions. if you got Anomaly awe, Booming benediction, and Arcane apocalypse then use those on big crowds, use your Zepher of oasis to stun them all while it charges to explode. once it does and kills a few of them about 2 or three small arcane anomalies should appear where they died because of Arcane apocalypse and they will be stunned for 3 seconds because of anomaly awe. that should kill the rest of them, and if it doesn't. that's ok because arcane anomaly will be reset now because of Booming benediction and you can use it again. continue to set down totems strategically in order to help your team out the best you can, one of the best spots is to set Zepher of oasis inform of the starting gate so you can stun them immediately in order to gather them into a giant group for your traps to deal a bunch of arcane damage to.

(side note, Stinkeye can deal an amazing amount of damage but as of right now if your in a low ceiling hallway and there is a big game hunting zapper, it'll block your shots, either sell them or if its a teammates tell them, because a giant portion of your damage will be taken away and that's unacceptable the way stinkeye works, be nice about it though. nobody likes a toxic player. also your huge so if a minion is directly in front of you, you'll actually have to aim down near his feet to hit them if they are small)

that's it really, use these tips to kick but and take names. enjoy playing as Stinkeye. see ya in my next a simple guide:

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