What is Quests.Quest_10250_Desc?

jbeeneyjbeeney Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
Got my new daily quests just now, and I have no idea what "Quests.Quest_10250_Desc" is. The title says "Combo Up" but not much of help. Did a search on the forum and didn't see anything either. Thanks in advance.

Best Answers


  • the combo quest shows for me without issue. Unless there are more than one combo quest then it is 7x combo
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    They are diferent I believe, check the name of the quest though.
  • jbeeneyjbeeney Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
    Thanks for the responses. It was a combo quest, I think it was 6x. Hopefully they'll fix the description because I saw other people on chat have the same question the other day.
  • Jigsaw hcJigsaw hc Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    I am pretty sure I got a 6X combo a few times but the quest still shows 0/6  completed.  :(
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