Stuck in Apprentice Difficulty (Advice Needed)

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Hello everyone,


I’m having great difficulty with the War Mage difficulty.

I own both Orcs Must Die 1 and 2 and never came across hitting a brick wall in difficulty before  in the previous games.

My current level is 16 and I am unable to complete the War Mage levels despite them having a suggested level range of (11 to 16). I have 4 stars on almost all of the Apprentice maps. 

  • I have already started replaying every map to earn the chests for each hero and I am running out of chests to earn.
  • I tried playing with others but we usually lose in the first few waves and it’s easier to play solo.
  • I have also been buying deals in the shop to level up my traps since I’m running out of chests.
  • I have tried to go for 5 stars on apprentice maps, but have been unsuccessful.


What can I do to help me get past this steep difficulty spike?

 Any help is appreciated  =)

Here is my typical load out (does change slightly for levels)

Tier 3
  •  Floor spikes

Tier 2

  • Arrow wall
  • Brimstone
  • Tar Trap
  • Barricade

Tier 1

  • Pounder
  • Wall Charger


  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Building good killboxes is the first key. Check out youtube. There is a bunch. Just as an example I'm linking Good Gaming Daily who has some guides to 5-star apprentice. Should be helpful.

    Of the starter heroes I do recommend Blackpaw and then Max to learn. I think Blackpaw is easier as he has good tanking potential. Use his bite to heal up when low and his gnolls for extra tanking.

    If you have any specific questions about specific maps, I'm sure many people here will be happy to give tips and tricks!
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    The biggest difference in Warmage is survivability.  Avoiding death is crucial because it causes enemies to enrage and run faster.  Also, proper use of barricades is especially crucial.  You'll need to route minions together and protect your barricades from things that destroy them (yellow dots on the map).

    Small note with the Brimstone...  I've seen several people make this mistake.  Don't place them too close to each other.  Their fire damage doesn't stack.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • OMD 1 & 2 where friendlier to just laying down trap willy nilly. OMDU requires much more thought and care into building a functioning killbox that is greater than the sum of all traps. One thing I would advise is possibly using something other than brimstone. Brimstone is strong but expensive, and typically used incorrectly. Brimstone DOT doesn't stack with itself so 2 brimstones in a row is mostly wasted, I try to space it out 1 every 4 floor traps when I use it.

    Build mazes with your barricades make sure to put tar every 3 or 4 floor traps apart. Think of a killbox as having DPS, tar increases the time minions spend in the killbox and therefor the amount of damage they take.
  • Brimstone -> Tar -> Tar -> Brimstone treats me pretty well, with Pounders or Wall Charger/Arrow Walls where the Tar is, if possible. You can do 1-width or 2-width kill box (ie, two Brimstones next to each other, but not after). There are pros and cons to a wider kill box. You can also try funneling from a 2-width to a 1-width with diagonal barricades. With Brimstones at the 2-width (though not on the first level - add the second Brimstone later). This creates a 2-width spot where you can melee safely without mobs hitting your barricades before the 1-width part that will have more focused trap damage.

    If you are playing Max, then a narrower kill box will treat you better because of his AoE attack. If you are playing Blackpaw, then a little breathing room can help, so that you can melee with less risk. Also, mobs that attack Blackpaw's gnolls will cause barricade damage, so a narrow kill box can be problematic if you release the gnolls in it.
  • Two diagonal barricades can do the same job as three barricades in an L shape. This saves some coin for more traps. 

    @austin101 if you see me online, I'm happy to help you out. 
  • Thanks for all the help everyone!  =)
  • OrOrOn6FarellOrOrOn6Farell Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    So... new to OMDU this new none Siege version which il say i miss on some level but this is fairly better. With the exception of HOLY CRAP I NEED MORE FRIENDS Solo is not fun...nvm queue times ugh. I'm having the same issues as the OP almost i've ground my way through a few levels im 20~ now stuck on Training Grounds on Warmage... yay. likely my biggest issue is its always fun to have Bombs spawn on the OTHER side of the map so you can't kill them ugh. good tips to kill runners\bomb guys? with traps. Brimstone is my go to but expensive. I've learned a few things reading around here but my problem with the Solo jab im guna say is the 0 time to set down stuff... like 30-45 seconds? for a break.. ASSUMING YOU GET ONE. but that's always bothered me on "harder difficulties"

    i feel like this is heading in the Rage direction so im guna stop :P lol theres a few things i can scream about in this game lol.
  • Will1Will1 Member
    Have you done the earlier levels and gotten all the hero chests you can?

    Levels get easier when you level up.  I couldn't more than 1 star on the first warmage level at level 16 but i could get 4 stars at level 21.  The only thing that changed is that I now outleveled it by 5 levels.
  • Will1Will1 Member
    Thinking about it, the way I am dealing with bomb guys is that my barricade setups are always set up so I can kind of "camp" them.  For example on apprentice in the map in question I put like 3 barricades down in the bottom left corner to force that spawn to go through the middle.  The top spawn goes through the middle naturally so that's sort of my theoretical killbox.  Because of this, when I attempt this level on warmage I cannot beat the level yet but it's not b/c my barricades are getting blown up.

    Also I find that if a barricade it out of the way and easily visible only the bomb guys will run up to it, so putting a couple rows of spike traps in front can do the trick if they do enough damage to the bomb guys.

    For runner enemies.... basically I just have to snipe them myself.  I know there is probably a better way to deal with satyrs and so on but I don't know it.
  • If barricade bombers are giving you a lot of trouble you can place some dummy barricades in front of your important barricades. Just put a couple jutting out in front for them to blow up on.  On some maps that can be easier than killing them.
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