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Since it turns out I have so many suggestions, I am restructuring my post so that players can agree, or up vote on an individual suggestion.
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    Perhaps implementing heros with a friend/ rival. Bloodspike is an orc, should he really be ok working next to Max?

    Each hero has a friend and an enemy when used in multiplayer. Anything from just banter between the two, or maybe an automatic  /taunt between them between waves.
    Maybe they get a bonus when they lay consecutive traps or hits.
    Something more difficult, say Max is Zoeys friend (teacher is accurate according to decoy trap), when using her overload trap she could get it cheaper it combines the 2 somewhat.
    Maybe they have a wager between them and you get a kill counter, while you have more kills than your enemy you get a regen boost.
    I personally think this could be very funny, one of the things I've always loved about omd.

    This would open up a ton of replayability, and add to layout/ critical thinking.
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    Have random sales, such as decreasing the gold price of items for a short time/ decrease the amount of skulls it takes to upgrade a trap.
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    This feature currently only happens when in a guild with other guild members.

    A recent activity log for friends list would be nice, so we know if they've put off playing.
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    "Force next wave" option would be extremely useful. (Moreso with the current decrease in par times.)

    Just like pressing z at the breaks, once say 75% of the wave has been defeated the group could press z to force the next wave to begin. If someone wasn't confident just don't press z and everything continues normally. This currently happens on some maps anyway.
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  • I would like to suggest an equal distribution of stars among the 25 skulls.
    It is currently unequal, meaningless. I suggest 1 to 8 skulls = 1 star, 9 to 15 = 2 stars, 16 to 24 = 3 stars, 25 = 4 stars. So every 8 skulls add a star to it
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    A utility trap type, to differentiate which traps do not benefit from sale traits.
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    I would like the ability to choose what our traps look like from the current skins available. Like the boom barrel roller, I like the wooden one this silver thing i have now is eww.
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    One trap I'd personally like to see, is a "Flame Thrower" of sorts.
    It would be a quarter trap like ice shards/ lightning rods/ not sure where it would be placed (wall/ceiling/floor, I suggest ceiling) but it would shoot a small flame perpendicular to its placement for a few seconds.
    It could be adjusted to be like the lightning rod as well where when so many minions trigger it, the flame would burn for longer periods of time, or spray further out.
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    A hope that the weekly will become on some sort of rotation, or perhaps are put into a different play....
    A "Challenge" mode.
    Some were extremely fun! And it seems strange that after the time is spent to implement different rules for each one that it is canned after a week.
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  • Trap damage, mostly I'd like to see this for arcane so people can tell how much bonus damage you are actually getting from stacking.
  • Spread out the on screen numbers.
    All damage/ coin/ combos pop up right in the middle of the screen. 90% of the time I can't see them all. like just move one a little left and one a little right.
    Or better yet, have a screen overlay that allows us to move them.
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    When you are on the vs. screen, how about we actually see the mobs we will be up against in the map instead of generic.... It does change for heroes.
    A form of this was in previous omd when looking in your book they were all at the top.

    Implemented, excellent! love it! Thank you!
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  • I have seen many posts and suggestions for adding a separate deal for parts.

    My 2 cents:
    Add one extra random deal, for a gold price. This spot on daily deals should include anything other than traps, (part/ guardian/ gear/ trait). This will help the rng of all these, which is why it was added for traps to begin with, random everyday and 2 on Sunday just like current.
    This will have other benefit as well such as for those ppl that have already received all normal chests/ for when future items are added/ another source of revenue. 
  • I would like a second form of survival pass of some sort... maybe a member pass that gives you some type of consumable or chest everyday.
    Perhaps it adds a dmg or combo bonus. Maybe it gives you a bonus members only quest each day.
    I have played other f2p games where they would give you like an exp. vial that would boost your earned for a few hours, maybe change this to number of matches or increase coin drops. 
  • How about having characters getting bonuses on certain maps.
    "The Throne Room", for instance, is Bionkas throne room, shouldn't she know it better than anywhere or anyone else? Perhaps she can move faster, or gets a regen bonus when playing on this map.
  • Have random special events such as double exp/ skull weekend or perhaps party boost day that increases damage/ speed/ cdr while in a party.
  • How about a guaranteed drop from certain lvl chests.
    Such as master/ rift lord chests that you buy have a guaranteed rare/ epic drop card.
  • The ability to block certain players.
    This could be as simple as not seeing their posts, or as much as not being able to party with them. 
  • I have received 5 "Decoy" drops from the same rift lord chest.... How about a limit on the amount of the same trap you can get from one chest?
  • Can we have all the old forum posts of survival mode deleted?
    It's very hard to navigate what you are looking for, just to realize you are reading about some PvP that doesn't exist anymore.
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