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  • How about a hero stat page?
    Just like the trap stat page it would show: health/ mana/ mana regen/ damage type/ speed/ etc.
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    Single, player, pause. Seems more obvious yet we do not have it....

    Superb job Dev team! Very much appreciated!
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    How about the ability to change the in game options from the launcher.
    There are many options but currently you have to be in-game to change them. You don't have time during a single match to change your keys or lower/ raise the resolution.

    For over 500 matches I was playing on the worst resolution because I didn't realize the in-game options where different from the launcher options.
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  • A trait slot that accepts all slot matching bonuses.
  • Retroactive traits.
    It is useless for them to only count level 1 amounts of health/ mana.

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    Larger party member levels.... lvl 79 looks like 19.... so small, maybe a full screen launcher?

    Thank you full screen launcher!
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    Something I think would be really cool is somewhere on your trap if we could actually see the parts equipped.
    This way everyone in party would be able to see what is slotted onto your traps, like if it had the heat or kinetic trigger, which of the different resonators the trap has equipped.
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  • A way to sort our item lists.
    I'd like to be able to separate my parts by type, to be able to list my traps by where they are allowed to be placed, sort out which element the trap uses, divide my guardians by where they can be placed.
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    Being able to change parts at loadout.
    When you join randoms (for instance), you can't change your parts.... Which is one of the reasons I never join them.
  • Loadouts saving your parts.
    If we are getting a part limit soon with the premium shoppe coming this needs to be a must!
  • A remove all parts from traps button, another one that sounds so obvious.....
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    A trap map grid!
    Like a graph paper overlay at what's around you to highlight where traps can be seen, lets say I hold down G and a grid highlights in the area I am in so trap positions can be seen. "OH, I can put traps there!"

    I do believe that this would also allow players to report spots that aren't working as well.
    "Restricted section" map for instance, there is a spot where a barricade should be able to be used, but it won't let you, you can behind it and in front of it, but there one quarter section that will not accept it
  • I hope for something to be done about smaller traps like lightning rods, and ice shards.

    We do require many of these to even utilize them proper (chilled bonuses for instance it takes 3? to freeze) so them taking a full trap from our count makes them very hard to allocate space for since we have a max trap count.
    Perhaps having them take up a smaller amount of the trap count would be very helpful such as make one cost 1/2 instead of a full trap.
  • Thinking of traps, the one ice trap (that is a ceiling trap) no one uses this trap because of its manual activation, over 1000 matches and I've never seen it or used it anyway.

    I believe that it should fall automatically after building ice on it for so long (like the arcane bowling ball).
  • I think that Ice shard should get the same upgrade available to lightning rods.
    After being triggered from so many minions it adds the 2nd/ 3rd stack of chilled automatically.
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    How about a restart button, another one of those obvious sounding ones.

    I dislike having to quit and reloading when something unexpected happened. Such as someone rage quit or d/c.
    Perhaps a retry option upon defeat.

    Amazing! You guys are making so many things better!
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  • How about a map viewer.
    Or on death we get a "Fly mode" at least we would get 10 seconds to look at the beautiful scenery you guys have made!
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    Getting some of our "old equipment" back from earlier OMD games.

    Or have them resemble more closely to earlier versions such as the ice amulet and the like that had primary /secondary abilities and even upgrades, great additional place to spend skulls! (Hello yet another way to make money!)
    Some of these were just favorites to people and I would just love to see them return.

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  • Remove the max level from matches
    At present I believe that all exp. parts are useless because of this, removing this cap would make these parts much more used. (for me anyway)
    This would only really affect endless mode, which could also equal out to be quite good and fun!
    The result could be in allowing players to unlock every weaver by continuing to level up (which would be awesome)
  • Have a numerical value for hero victories next to the heros.
    Could also be on the difficulty selection screen, like the stars.
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