A forum post for my suggestions



  • How about some type of bonus for returning players of the other OMD game
    I feel this can be done now through the new vanity category just a simple badge or title that would show others you know alittle about the game regardless of your current level
    Might encourage others to buy the previous games as well, yay more money!
  • Can we not get blocked for forum posting when we are editing our post?
    I hate this! I make a simple mistake, spelling/ punctuation/ what have you and I can't fix it or I get blocked
    It is only a minute but this is sooooo annoying, and I make ALOT of punctuation mistakes....
    Also more clarification and stats on traps

    See thread:
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    An option for opening chests.
    This started as more of a pole of sorts, but the thought of which you prefer and the ability to choose since both animations are actually complete would be good. 

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  • When you go to parts tab, and select a part to view in depth, I think that each trap that has that part equipped should have some way to show that easier.
    For instance- when I select my double spring, all the traps that have my double springs equipped have a different color border around it.

    This would save a large amount of time when changing parts on traps.
    This would also make it much better and easier to know what parts you have put on which traps.
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    When viewing your parts tab, if there were 2 numbers on them such as 3/6.
    This shows how many you have unused: 3, and how many you have in total: 6.

    I believe this would be a major small addition to the game, as now I don't have to remember how many of what, or how many I still would like to have, and if i want to try something new with my parts I can tell how many I have overall.
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