Combo Coin display on the end-of-game stat screen is miscalculated

I did a bunch of wave 1 The Baths (Rift lord) tests to try to figure out how much extra coin a combo adds to an enemy and while doing that I noticed that the combo coin display is not accurate.

First test: No traps at all, killed all enemies with Bionka's LMB only, 0 combos.  Earned 4272 coin from kills.  I did this test 3 times to make sure there was no variance and every single time it was always exactly 4272.  I also compared the stat screen to my in-game displayed coin and they matched every time too. 

Second test: Put down a VTar and Power Generator for 2 combos and then used only Bionka's LMB to kill them at 3x combos.  100% of the enemies died at 3x combo.  5142 coin earned, ~415 of that from my Power Generator (I've tested that separately too, it's always 410-430 coin), which is 4,727 from combo kills.  Compared to the 4272 from 0 combo kills that's 455 additional coin from combos.  Notice the scoreboard shows only 195.

Third test: same setup as test two but I added in Fire Wall Bracers for another combo.  95% of the enemies died at 4x combo and the other 5% died at 3x combo (some died to the fire dot before I could LMB for another combo).  5133 earned from combo kills (already subtracted the 415 from power gen), compared to the 4272 baseline means 861 came from combos yet the scoreboard shows only 389. 

Fourth test: same as test 3 but added in Naptha Sprayer for another combo, total 5x.  80% of the enemies died at 5x, 15% at 4x, 5% at 3x.  5469 earned from combo kills (power gen 415 already subtracted), compared to the 4272 baseline means 1197 came from combos yet the scoreboard shows only 570. 

5th test: completed the entire map using only tar and Bionka's LMB.  100% of the enemies died at 0 combos.  38,284 coin earned.  This is the baseline coin income for this map with no combos (use this to compare to test 6).

Test 6: High combo/score run, 8.5 combo average per kill, 13 max.  72,152 total coin earned.  I used 1 Power Generator for all 14 waves, so lets just assume it generated 415 per wave (it's slightly lower than this since it has to recharge between waves), so lets subtract 5,810 for a total of 65,414 earned from combo kills.  The scoreboard only shows 14,674 when it should show 27,130 (the difference between test 5 and 6). 

Conclusion: Combo Coin on the scoreboard is not accurate.  In most cases it's about half what it should be showing.


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    Thanks for sending this to us. Our team will take a look!
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