The Players Deck Opinion?

So I have been confronted with a problem, when it comes to Builds and Deck set ups are there truly hundreds upon hundreds of Options to truly use when you max your account which I am coming up on and I am only level 58(I like donating >.>), I have been in a many number of games wanting to hear low and high players opinions of many sorts of deck/trap/map/character builds. I wanna know, are there truly many hundreds of legit options? or are we all subject to a "Master Deck or Build" Quota that we have to meet?  In my opinion I want to have the builds i make, like Fire resonator-spikes with brimstone, and  with tar and Stun Resonator-Grinder. Do I have the right Idea? Is this one of many hundreds of good or bad ideas? Do you Guys feel there are a-lot of good and actual options?


  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    I'm not sure I'm following what's the question... Could you clarify a bit please?
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I think he is referring about if there is a loadout that rules them all. He is asking if in this game there are truly a lot of ways to create a loadout that is effective or just a few that are plain better.

    I'll try to give my opinion. I think there are several different more than viable setups. But it also depends on what you want to achieve. If you just want to beat a level, there are hundreds of possibilities and as more understanding of the game you acquire, more will be viable.

    Ofcourse there will be some traps that have better synergy with a hero or a map and will be better for that specifics. Or Loadouts that are better depending on the location of your killbox.

    As for different objectives. There are better loadouts for killing faster, others that are better for comboing, others that are just fun to play.

    I also found out that depending on your playstyle, you can benefit more from specific traps that are adjusted to your solution. As for trap parts, it's quite the same, depends on what you want to achieve and how you play.
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    ohhh... well there's not a single "best" loadout/deck for sure... A fire level will require different things than an ice level, for exemple... that alone disproves the idea of a best deck.

    As for the rest, pretty much what Timemaster said... :p
  • ahh. Thanks Jac, I play many other games and after a while a stale meta takes hold and there comes a time where good and bad are blankly obvious I just want to know if there will ever come a time where a new player like a "bad" loadout and gets beaten over the head for it by good players :/

  • HypovolemicHypovolemic Member
    edited February 2017
    I think you can expect the devs to make a continuous effort to ensure traps and gear are balanced. I don't expect the game to devolve into a single dominant meta. It's always possible, but I doubt intentionally.
  • At lower difficulty levels cheaper traps may be of more benefit as there isn't a lot of money to be made from enemy kills. 

    In general it is best to combine damage from different traps to create combos. Combos will earn extra points and generate more coin. 

    It can be useful to mix a cheap trap in with more expensive ones in your loadout. This will allow you to generate coin quicker at the start of the game and allow you to place expensive traps earlier.

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