Will we get a hero with blunderbuss?

I missed using the blunderbuss, it was the fun weapon to use in OMD 2.  I hoping it will go to a hero who is around the same age as Zoey only opposite in gender and style considering this one is Gabriella top student for high IQ but expert on making a better traps with a personality of caution paranoid person who assume that event going to happen and have alot of back up plans......alot of back up..............

Also will you guys do a netflix for a series of this game?  I hoping since OMD 2.


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    I can't speak to a netflix series (OK, personal opinion, I doubt you'll see it ever, or atleast any time soon.)

    As for the blunderbuss hero, there was a rumor AGES ago that brass, dobbin's wife, was the blunderbuss hero. That said, I haven't heard anything of that for awhile. So it's possible she's still an idea, but honestly it's been so long maybe she's not.

    I do know that they want a blunderbuss hero though, and don't intend to release it simply as an alternate weapon.
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