OMDU, It's a lot of fun, but why it's not worth paying anything for.

OmenemOOmenemO Member, Early Access
#1 Currently any money that I pay I end up only being able to spend via gambling (heroes being the only exception)

Simply put, when I started, there were a lot of skins I'd purchase, IF i could purchase them outright.

A great example is the Fluffalump skin, I'd very willingly spend money if I could outright purchase it. Unfortunately I could purchase $50 worth of gold coins, and still not get that skin. Give me a guaranteed purchase somewhere in the $5-10 range and I'd have spent $5-10.  Make me risk gambling and I'll sit back and wait to "earn" coins to get it instead.

The solution imo is to introduce another currency (platinum coins?), that cannot be earned ingame, but can only be used to purchase cosmetic solutions outright(ie. not parts).  Gold coins work great with the gambling systems you currently have in place allowing freemium players to eventually unlock everything, but really disensentivise small time purchasers like me (& my wife) who'd drop $50-60 on the game and not much more.

Personally I'd like to see all skins & dyes available for purchase on the Skins page (purchaseable with platinum). Vanity chests should be expanded to also include all skins & dyes (though try to keep the item counts reasonable, 9 is fine, 32 is rediculous)

#2 Now that I've played a while, why would I even want to spend money on a hero skin? I've already completed all the maps with my favorite heroes..

This game desperately needs to incentivize re-running content with heroes we enjoy. I think you should do away with purchasable trap chests altogether and allow us to use gold coins to reset first time completions on one character.

Other potential currency options to reset first time completions could be excess trap parts, or account levels
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