Interesting possibility for extra trap cards?

Just thinking out loud here. What if once a trap hits tier 7, we can "prestige" it for a permanent .5-1% effectiveness buff on that trap or something like that. Then we can use the extra cards towards tiering it back up. This would allow for epic traps to still be difficult to get and add the dynamic in of "do I prestige it and risk trying to tier it back up with limited chests or do I keep it at tier 7. The more rare the trap is the more difficult it is to get to tier 7 in the first place and way more difficult to get it to tier 7 again after prestiging it. Also adds to long term replayability. Yes, in the very long run, some players might have some pretty op basic traps but those players will have played the game a veritable crapton (metric units) and will want to play other traps hopefully anyway. Very different game but DAI mp had something similar where there was no limit on prestiges and your character became minorly more powerful over them but I played that game a crapload (english units) and never reached a point where I was without a challenge or enjoyment factor.

Just a thought. What do you all think?


  • Perhaps a one time buff, like a consumable that just gives you one free copy of the trap (or something). Or heck, maybe just let us buy regular consumables with excess cards (I never have enough skulls for upgrades so I will never buy consumables).
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