I have a few questions/ concerns about the upcoming premium shoppe that i believe should be heard while it is still being developed.!/en/blog/newfeature-shoppe
(very awesome back ground picture behind the traps/ parts btw, a "butcher shop" is hilarious)

1a.First a question. this one may seem obvious but, will this convert trap cards that we haven't upgraded yet, just because we have an excess amount?

example i have 7 "Haymaker" but it hasn't been upgraded even to tier 2 so it shows i have more than max needed to upgrade (7/1) 
really wouldn't want to lose 6 just because i haven't upgraded it yet even though i have more than max.

thinking the display on workshop traps tab would read:
current amount of traps/ amount to upgrade needed/ total for tier 7 needed
or the total needed could be added to the upgrade screen

1b. Another concern if i only need 4 to upgrade to a tier below 6 and i get a card that gives me say 15, will the 11 over max be converted? 

2. Second, what about the pictured traps chest, a concern would be that I've spent my gibs on one only to receive rare/ epic that I already have enough for tier 7.... so they are automatically turned to gibs, but then not enough to buy a second chest... which would suck

3. Third, the parts, which was a concern i've posted about before. there is a limit to the amount of these needed:

I have 5 "double tank accumulator", there are only 4 total slots for these.
I have 5 "runed hero frame", there are 4 total slots for these.

I have 9+ coils, there are 9 total slots for these.
I have 8 frame parts, there are but 4 slots.
9 accumulators, with only 4 slots for them.

Will some limit be added to parts as well?
I wouldn't want to open a parts chest just to get more "revenge runes"/ "stunning accumulators"/ "capacitance attuner"/ "reusable shielding" as I already have the maximum amount needed and then they arent even converted to gibs.

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    ok thanks TimeMaster i have watched the stream. I did catch that what was said was for T7 traps will be converted, but that means I'll need to upgrade all my traps, even the ones i dont use or dislike....
    Unless (hopefully) something is radical as Harmonia states. For example, I have just under 10k spike and decoy traps, waaaaaay more than is needed for t7 but my decoy is still tier 1, I dont care much for it or use it so of course its not upgraded. 

    Ok I'm glad to hear that something is being worked on about parts as well. 

    AndrealVox stated question 2 much more clearly and detailed, which would suck but, if thats just how chests work then thats your luck.
    In either case of getting parts or traps you already have: I believe that getting at least half of the amount of gibs back would be sensible for epic, in this sense its like any 2 for 1 trade which is quite normal.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    1. I'm pretty sure that only cards that are surpluses beyond T7 will be converted.

    Would make no sense otherwise.

    2. Their last statement on that at the IA yesterday, was that yes, you can get rare/epic traps that are already T7 on the gibs chests.

    3.Yes parts will also have limits and be coinverted to gibs.

    Note that Rarity will affect heavily the amount of gibs given by a card so probably surplus of parts will give the most (or it should).

    You should definetely check the Insider Access aired yesterday:

  • Out of everything said here, my biggest concern is that when opening a Gib Chest, for example let's say it cost 450 Gibs. You open said chest and get 1 stack of cards. Now let's say that stack you just got was for a trap you already have at T7. The surplus you just received from that chest will be converted to Gibs, but what if it only gives you 100-200 Gibs? You now won't have enough to purchase another Gib Chest for 450, so to an extant you just wasted 450 or 250-350 Gibs depending on how you look at it.

    I'm really excited to see how they make this system function.
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  • thought, an easy way for parts could be just have a convert to gibs button.... that way you wouldnt have to implement any kind of limit or have to worry about how many someone should be able to get for every separate one or type, just a convert option.
  • Does someone know when this feature will be implemented?
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    MacMuffin said:
    Does someone know when this feature will be implemented?
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