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    A row of 3 brimstones is 3 traps total, placed in a row so that they can't walk around it.  I know about fire b/c it's in the trap description iirc.

    But there are things like how weak Arrow traps really are that I didn't know.  And I went 6 hours thinking Concussive Pounders did damage.  So I have had some of these uh-ohs.

    There are two types of difficulties, one is being unfamiliar with the game mechanism, just as you described when barricades got blown, enemy heroes show up...etc; the other type is the damage penalty for underlevels

    The first type of difficulty can be conquered by players, eventually everybody will know what to do about this game; the second type of difficulty cannot be handled only by player's experience. It is imposed by design for the sole purpose of prolonging the game's longevity. It is forced grinding.
    All I was trying to say is that Warmage isn't too easy or even just as easy as Apprentice.  I don't have an opinion on Warmage vs Masters yet.

    But being blunt, this is a f2p game.  There is going to be some grinding.  That's what happens in a f2p game.  What you want would make the game a lot shorter than it is now, which most likely isn't viable at this point in time. There's something like 44 levels iirc.  If you could complete this game as fast as OMD or OMD2, it wouldn't work as a f2p game.  They are artificially extending the life of the game by making you grind a bit, in exchange for not forcing anyone to pay in money.  I don't necessarily like it but I don't like *insert ccg here*'s pack system and I still play a bunch of those.  I would be very happy if they went in a different direction, but with the game where it is and where it has been I don't think that removing the level barrier to things is something they could actually do right now if I understand some of the comments correctly.

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    I think that if you went through each apprentice level and each warmage level with the starter characters, and tried to 3-5 star each level as a new player, you would hit level 26 well before you hit masters.  I am level 16 and I haven't fully finished getting all the "gimmer" new character clear chests from apprentice.
    Thus I think part of the problem is that you are trying to go through the game as fast as possible and it wasn't designed to let you do that, versus what a lot of people would do in a brand new f2p game which is grind a bit, try to get all the easy chests, mess around a bit trying to learn the levels and get high scores, and have naturally occurring difficulty problems that would cause them to fail.  Since you can basically do all of that "progression" in one fell swoop, you are having a unique problem that as a newer player I will not experience.


    There are two things I would want to add to the progression discussion though.

    First, I feel like there is a built in "trap" (the bad kind, not the orc killing kind) where players will spend all their skulls on common traps instead of champions and then miss out on what I think? is a critifical early game feedback loop.

    Second, I feel like the level limits lie.  I don't care what you say about it.  It doesn't feel like the first endless map is good for my level.  It has the same level restrictions as apprentice levels but I can't clear the 3rd wave yet.
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    Will1 said:
    First, I feel like there is a built in "trap" (the bad kind, not the orc killing kind) where players will spend all their skulls on common traps instead of champions and then miss out on what I think? is a critifical early game feedback loop.
    Yes, you're right. There are a few of these traps in the game currently. Maybe not intentional, but they are there.
    1. Never buy common or uncommon traps from the rotating store ("Deals"). They are severely over costed. The Skulls are harder to acquire than the trap cards and you'll need the Skulls.
    2. I recommend against buying chests from the store. They are also over costed. Especially right now, because we don't know what the true value of surplus cards will be. 
    3. You have to play more than 12 hours a week (estimated) for the Survival Pass to be worth the Gold, comparing to buying Skulls directly.
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    So you I have some more feedback on this.  Or some rambling.  Some of column A and a little bit of column B.  I don't know if it's useful or not but this is my feedback.

    So I am afraid to journey into Warmage.  I am level 16 and I do not consider that to be adequate.  I have less than 5 stars in the mode, as opposed to 33/40 on apprentice, and I do not want to dive straight into it.

    Unfortunately a lot of my quests started requiring it as soon as I unlocked it (and I am VERY concerned the same will happen with masters when I hit level 20), so to get a chest today I am forced to go kill .... 5 pride hunters.  Don't know what that is but I'll find out.

    What is the earliest level that has them?  *looks it up*  Well poo.  It's a level i'm having trouble with on apprentice.  Fifth level on war mage. ... Here we go?

    <- If I die, give my traps to my second.  My cat was eaten by gnolls and must be avenged *does not realize all the gnolls are already dead; they were eaten by pride hunters*.
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    Good news everyone.  I died on wave 5 and i guess I'm going to have to give up on my quest.
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