Thoughts About Archers



  • If they destroyed them easily, then I'd have a problem, but it takes them a while. 
    What difficulty are you playing on? Because they can wipe out a cade in like 4 shots when playing on Master and Riftlord. It happens all the time ;)
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  • Oh, you know, Rift Lord ;)

  • you're a boss @nicktransue A BOSS 
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  • ShadeDev said:
    Collateral damage is intended to discourage players from fighting near barricades.
    Where are we supposed to fight? All melee characters benefit greatly from fighting in or near their killbox: some of the traps will temporarily dissuade counter-attacks and tar helps make sure the mobs don't just swarm past you. Non-melees usually have short-ranged abilities. On top of my traps is usually where I want to root enemies with Ivy; where else? Gabriella's kinetic blast is obviously meant for using near traps, and its range is short. Smolder has nothing but short-ranged abilities, her LMB aside.

    My barricades actually tend to get the most damage when I fight (well) ahead of them, because every arrow I dodge seems to go right for them. So when this becomes an issue, I just tend to go back behind a corner and wait... which is not good for combo scores, no good for getting par, and not much fun at all.

    I don't really feel like archers are a major issue, and I almost never lose a barricade to them. But I find it surprising to read that we aren't supposed to fight close to barricades.
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