overachiever trait

Small error, overachiever trait currently reads "+750 battle level" instead of exp or whatever. i know max lvl is 20 so this cant possibly be right.


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    @UnjustlyVicious - Thanks for letting us know! I've passed details along to the team. There is a note regarding this trait in the Known Issues post here, so you can rest assured it will be corrected in a future update. 

    • SixOkay said:
      • Overachiever trait is designed to provide a full level at the start of each match, however it is currently only providing a full level in a 3-player team. When playing in a 2-player team or solo, the trait will not provide a full level at the start of a match. This will be resolved in a future update.

  • I think he is talking about the description on the workshop.

    It says "+750.00 battle level" instead of something like "+750.00 battle level xp"
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    @TimeMaster - Yes, it should be corrected with those other updates.
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