I'm pretty sure this is a bug but....

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ok, so, i was testing the viability of stacking traits to take advantage of Oziel's ability to maximize mana, to give him a large health boost so on endless i don't get one shotted..... i was using:

"Takes lessons from Cygnus" -- 1% max health for every 50 mana. 
"Amature Veterinarain" -- slot bonus, 8% max mana.
"Respect my Authority" --  slot bonus, 4% max health.

after 30 waves i had 4000+ souls, 1800+ mana, but still only 630 health.

for simplicity sake lets say at lvl 20 oziels max health is 500, and that i had exactly 1800 mana
using JUST "Takes lessons from Cygnus" i should have had 680 health.....
adding "Respect my Authority" i should have had 700 health....

But i know for a fact i only had 630....

Side note after having over 4000 souls i was only doing normal damage at like 350-, and my surge was only doing 2k max..... not much of a boost after 4000 souls! and why is there a cap on surge boost? 3x was all it would go to, i never ran out of mana using just this.....


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    "Takes lessons from Cygnus" only takes into account the initial mana.

    Maybe the same with "Amateur Veterinarian" although not sure about this one

    Not really sure of how exactly all the traits stack and or interact in general with weavers/consumables/other traits. Most seem to stack in some way or another.
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    that just kinda proves they are useless as that doesn't even take into account the plus health/mana you get from leveling up!

    So no sense in even testing Hogarths - "Muscles!" or Bloodspikes "Fortified Meals".....
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    As I said, I'm not sure about the ones that give some %, I think they work with the extra health from lvl up but not sure if they stack with other weavers.

    There is no hero with extra mana per level up.
  • To be honest if your plan had worked, it would go to show how ridiculously large a difference a few traits can make. I think it's great the way you logically tried to maximise your benefits, but I don't want the difference between heroes being overpowered and useless to come down to traits. I already think it's incredibly black and white at the moment to have lifesteal traits on certain heroes for example, literally the obvious choice.
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