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If I have a lower tier trap that has enough cards to upgrade to tier 7 and I receive another card, will I get gibbs?  Will I have to upgrade the trap fully to receive the excess gibbs?  I currently have 9 up-gradable traps that I am sitting on because they are far less useful to me and I don't have the 16,900 skulls to upgrade them.  I expect to be in the situation described above before the gibb shop gets released.  


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    To give you an answer, I would say with a large amount of certainty that if it takes 4k cards to go from t1-t7 (pulled that number out of thin air, I have no idea the real number) - then card 4001 gets turned into gibs. Because quite honestly, speaking as a programmer here, it is probably going to check how many cards to go until tier 7, then convert the rest. That'd mean it doesn't matter what tier it is currently, it just matters if you could get tier 7, and if you can, it'll start converting excess to gibs. I can't say for certain, but as a programmer, that's how I'd do it.
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