Does anyone play with "The Apprentice"? er.. "Zoey"? If so, explain.

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She was interesting in siege, because she could become resistant to your attacks.. blah blah blah siege character.    Not sure what she is good for now.

Cry for help honestly.  I would love it if someone gave a youtube rundown of all characters and the general gist of how to play them.


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    Best path to play her imo is to focus on the boost for the auto attack, more duration weaver and activation on kill weaver. The rest don't matter much.

    Chapter 3 and 9
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Good is a complicated term, because it very much depends what you are looking to do.  When you are looking to generate very high combos, Zoey is actually among the very best (perhaps even the best) in the game right now, and that is where she's my go-to hero at the moment. But if you are looking for good in terms of coin (Dobbin) or solo standing power (Bionka) the answer changes.

     Zoey is very micro-managy and of all the knockback abilities in the game, book club is the hardest to target well. That said I think she has a very strong and versatile kit that can play in many contexts very well. It does take a bit to learn how to manage her cooldowns in various situations.

    The faster she gets her tier 3 weaver the better, so if you do have the overachiever trait, it's a really good one for her.
  • Are you using her 'E' enough? A lot of big abilities have had their cooldowns slashed since Siege. She has a great auto attack if you can keep carrying the attack speed buff and the rest of her abilities are nice too. Also when you need to Unchain, make sure you use the 'E' before you do. Sinful to let that awesome ability go to waste! :)
  • This guy has to be a troll, you don't have to explain playing any character, even a weak one. Which Zoey is one of the strongest. Most of her skills are difficult to master, she is just difficult to master in general. Once you do, she's OP, I'm actually sad that I've already beaten every map with her and have to play other characters. She was the first I bought after the reset and IMO the most fun.

    @Gorkster use book club after a temple alarm gong, after Zoey's E, once the enemies break through a gate. Basically anytime they are bunched up. I average 6-12 minions per hit with book club when I do that. Though putting stun on book club and using it against 2-3 giants when they start running is very useful as well. Her first 3 weavers are set in stone what you have to take to make her good. Attack speed and stun with book club. The last one is player's choice.
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    Use to love the character a few patches back, but have not really had the opportunity to play her much anymore. Anyways, I had some free time so challenge accepted. Here's a fairly comprehensive guide on the character ending in a 5* solo run of Temple Graveyard. Also did a solo 5* run of eventide fortress, but as it had a single death in it, kinda iffy about using it, and this has already taken a bit more time than I anticipated. Anyways, hope it helps!
  • I haven't unlocked her, but Book Club's side projection seems more useful than most other knockbacks, as chasms are typically on the sides of the minions, and not behind them.
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