I cant download game

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I had no problems entering NA version of OMDU but yesterday i couldn't download the last update.
after a lot of restarts, problem still exists.

Today i reinstall the game but i had the same problem.

Please for yours


  • You could try running the game through Steam.  That might not fix the root or your problem but could be a workaround.
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    Siopilos is coming over from EU, so the Steam client isn't going to be an option for him. The Robot client is a way to get started early over here :-D


    That article has our known solutions to the issue. I'm guessing that since it's a new executable, the firewall and AV permissions aren't working the same as you had setup for Steam/EU client.

    Check that out, and if it gives trouble, please send us your log files and we can investigate!

  • SiopilosSiopilos Member
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    Thanks for your prompt answer!
    After disabling my AV (Bitdefender) all worked fine.
    The only way i can play the game (NA version) is by disabling my AV.


    edit: no problem with Windows Defender
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