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GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
I just finished all but one achievement. Empty pockets is a pretty serious no-life achievement, which with everything else completed I have at 1%! So extrapolating it's going to be another 99 months to complete that...

I think the achievements actually hit a decent spread from trivial (i.e. you will get this easily if you just play) to somewhat grindy but not too bad. Numerous hero achievement are neat in that they do highlight hero mechanics that I suspect are underused, or require the use of the kit in the correct way.

I felt that particularly bloodspikes meal one was probably too much, with stinkeye's being close.

Gabby's achievement was good and I had to actually plan it out to get it to go after a few tries.

My favorite achievement is Improvised Weapons (kill 5000 minions with environmental traps) because it really encourages to look at maps in a new way (I discovered that there are way more environmental traps out there than I had noticed before!).

On the down side, achievements suffer from the same effect as daily quests in that if a kill is required it does need a hero kill blow. This is particularly noticable with  So Bossy (kill 500 bosses). This is also the second most grindy achievement after Empty Pockets, so allowing for trap kills to count will be helpful.

Overall I think a few more specific hero-centric achievements would be neat. Some heroes don't have achievements yet and some heroes could use achievements that highlight particular ability combo plays (not unlike gabby's).


  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    Yeah the "empty pockets" one is just wrong... i'm still at 0% :/
  • Most archievements are all reachable by natural progression.

    Empty Pockets:

    Is way to grindy. Maybe reduce the amount to 10M/100M 
    Or simply change it to "earn amount x of coins" which is some easier to obtain.

    Improvised Weapons:

    Is to grindy too, since the mace from throne room is the only instakill trap. (I miss my tree trunks) :(
    The other environmental Traps do too little dmg to use them more effectively.
    Maybe minions killy by hero as well as our traps should be counted as long as the environmental Trap is involved (CP duration).

    Combo Quest:

    Nice one, but i would like to see 1/2/3player types of this achievement.

    We have several achievements that could be adapted from the first two games.
    And i would like to see few more map specific acm´s 

    - Throne Room "Throw a Boss into toxic"
    - Crogon Keep "Win whithout using Barricades" (maybe 5*)
    - Academy Sewers "Win without using any slow effect" (maybe 5*)

    Or new Hero archievement which requires specific Weavers. "Mezmerize x Minions at the same time as gabby"

    Or to say it briefly. Achievements that can be achieved in one match, but not by the natural leveling progress.

  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    edited March 2017
    Wynardtage  Improvised weapon is fine once people plan to build killboxes around environmental traps and understand which are repeatable and which are one-shot. The swinging mace is way too slow to complete the achievement on a grind basis. But I did it another way that was perfectly sensible, and less grindy than quite a few other achievements. In fact I killed I'd say 90% of mobs of a map with environmental traps. 5000 kills isn't that much if that is the kill rate you can get. I don't want to spoil it just yet but I'll be happy to post a screenshot of my killbox if people are not figuring something like it out. As said it is perhaps my favorite achievements because it really makes one look closely at maps. I really think the achievement is fine as is.
  • Will1Will1 Member
    Empty Pockets is absurd.  It's not even absurd.  It's lazily absurd and is never going to be legitimately achieved by anyone.  A billion is way too high of a number.

    As far as I understand it's real coins.  The things you get 250 for free each week (so 4 million weeks) or have to pay $100 to get 32500 of (so just spend over 3 million dollars on the game).  ... Why is this even a thing?
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    @Gorkster Playing with fire on low level maps? Making a straight line with tar in front of em? Didn't feel much fun for me.

    It's a no brainer, having to go to a low lvl map because they die easier isn't really cool imho.

    @Will1 coins are the in-game currency, gold is the paid currency which is also given on the daily logins.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    @timemaster you don't have to go to low level maps. Alas I am not going to argue what is fun for you, but I am saying what was fun for me. I also build a kill box on the wall and some other maps to experiment which can work in various ways. This experimentation was the fun for me. Very few of the achievements require any level of experimentation, so I give this one a big plus.
  • My problem with it is only that you even with the best possible killbox had to do several runs to reach it.
    Would it be less fun for you to achieve your goal in a well thought-out run?

  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    There are numerous other achievements I'd shorten first. Can you do say zoey's achievement in 1 well thought out run? Or bloodspike's meal farming? Correct answer is not even close.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Gorkster said:
    There are numerous other achievements I'd shorten first. Can you do say zoey's achievement in 1 well thought out run? Or bloodspike's meal farming? Correct answer is not even close.
    I did get over 150 meals in a master regular map and over 300 book bashes on throne room RL.

    In an endless game it should be possible to do both.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    I think it'd be fun to see if you could do these in one endless run. In fact I wonder how many environmental kills one could get on endless eventide!

    These three achievements are interesting for me because they fall onto a spectrum. To me they felt like taking roughly the same time but bloodspike required exactly no thinking beside picking pig drop related weavers and picking up semi-RNG drops. Zoey's does require some planning as picking a good map (say Throne room) putting down slows/stuns, aiming book club require something. The environmental trap one requires engaging with different environmental traps and building around it to maximize their efficiency. Now I may be different than others in that I had before this not deeply engaged with environmental traps. So I learned by far the most from the last achievement and had the most fun with it too.

    So for me, the last one was way more worth the time spend than the first. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with the Bloodspike achievement, but I wouldn't be worried if it was shortened so that it can easily be done. The environmental trap one however loses its intrigue if it's just done incidentally because why try a different map if incidental play just gets it for you.

    But if we really are talking about something taking too many runs, I think we should be talking about the boss achievement. I only got this in sensible time because of the current weekly.
  • @Gorkster, you'll have a new challenge, a lot of new achievements did appear on steam ,I think the list did double

    and a lot of specific heroes achievements
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