How to Play Zoey, a Comprehensive Guide!

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Before you begin reading, as this is a rather long guide, you might be wondering if Zoey is worth learning to play and or Unlock. So in the current iteration of the game, Zoey ranks up at around tier 2, not the best, but she can hold her own quite well. Typically You'll be staying at about a medium range, close enough to enter melee for the use of skills, but far enough away to avoid taking blows when waiting on cooldowns. There's a lot of small complexities, but you only need to know the general details to do well. So all in all she's a strong solo character, useful in groups as burst damage and support, but falls a bit off in usefulness when it comes to endless.

With that out of the way, if this all sounds interesting, then Welcome to a guide on Zoey, "The Chaotic Apprentice!"

When playing as Zoey, your main goal is to cycle through your abilities on rotation to maintain a constant attack speed buff on your primary attack, Chaos Tome (LMB).

This is done through Zoey's passive skill, which both gives her a friendly little familiar to fight by her side, and introduces her own unique Mechanic. Whenever Zoey uses one of her Basic skills, she will change to a random "school of magic," and gain that aforementioned boost to her attack speed. With this change in her school, the type of damage she deals also differs between fire, ice, and arcane. Fire damage applies a non stacking dot, making it best used by cycling between targets after every hit. Ice applies a debuff counter, that at 5 stacks, will freeze the targeted enemy, and finally we have arcane which works similarly to Ice in that it applies a debuff  counter that caps at 5, but the arcane debuff increases the subsequent arcane damage taken, as opposed to any form of immobilization.  You can always tell what your current school of magic is based off the visual effects of the tome Zoey carries.

If this all seems like a bit much to take in, don't fret, as these details aren't that important overall, and only really come up when building a specific killbox or fighting resistant enemies. Now with that out of the way, let's talk about the actual skills  you'll be using to achieve the above mentioned affects!

First Up, Zoey's right click, Book Club
Zoey will swing from her left, to her right, dealing moderate damage and knocking everything she hits to her right. At first this skill might seem like her weakest and most underwhelming, but it's quite powerful when used in conjunction with the next skill, Chaos Blast. It can also be used to knock orcs off edges, or simply peppered in for the sole purpose of regaining the attack speed buff when your other abilities are on cooldown.

Next Up, Chaos Blast:
This powerful little skill will deal a cone of magical damage in front of Zoey based on her current school of magic. Best used on clumps of enemies for massive damage. Although during its use Zoey will stand her ground while casting, potentially taking oncoming ranged and melee attacks if not used carefully. A useful little trick to negate this is to use the skill while jumping, allowing you to  maintain movement in a desired direction while casting.

And her last Basic Skill, Trial and Error:

When pressed, Zoey will gain 1 of 6 random effects. 
The Red Sword boosts damage dealt.
The Gray Shield provides a small shield buff absorbing damage.
The Green Cross provides Health Regeneration.
The Blue Bomb provides Mana Regeneration.
The Teal Boots provide a Movement speed boost.
And finally the Chicken is the dud that will briefly stun Zoey.

This skill is best used when you need to activate your attack speed buff on your way to engage, but do be mindful of where you use it, in the off chance you roll poorly and end up stunned, as it can end in a rather quick death if you're unlucky.

With the basic Skills and mechanics out of the way, the last thing to talk about is her ultimate, "Feebee's Wrath."
When activated, Zoey will become impervious to all damage, and jump into her book, letting Feebee go crazy, dealing elemental damage to all  enemies within a short radius. This skill is best used around edges or in the middle of large groups. Basically this is the panic button or wave killer, and when used well can make an entire wave of orcs and ogres disappear entirely.

So now that we've talked about abilities, let's move onto the Weavers.

The first batch of weavers upon reaching level 2 offer you the choice between a small heal when changing schools, a boost to the knock back on book club, and a longer duration of that oh so sweet attack speed buff when changing schools. The obvious answer here is the attack speed boost, and is one of the turning points between Zoey under performing and destroying orc Hordes en masse. Alternatively, if you're on a map where you can knock the orcs off into Oblivion, the +30% Knockback can be both powerful and a lot of fun!

The next chunk of weavers at level 4 offer you the options of Mana regen on your basic attacks (LMB), your little pet attacking twice as often,  and book club stunning enemies for 2 seconds. The choice here is heavily dependent on what you have equipped, as Zoey needs some form  of mana regen to work. If you do not have a Mana Regenerating trinket, or Mana Well Equipped in your loadout, you're going to want to  take the mana regen Weaver here. If however you do have one of the above mentioned items on hand, then taking the boost to Feebee's attack  speed can boost your DPS, or the stun can help as a support skill when playing with a group. Do also keep in mind that Feebee's attacks  are based on your current school of magic.

At level 7
, you can choose 500% more damage on Book Club, a longer trial and error buff, or having your magic school automatically change whenever you kill an enemy. The damage on book club isn't terrible, but unless you're playing a more supportive role, I wouldn't recommend it. The boost to trial and error's duration is best when enemies have larger health pools, whether it be because you're under leveled, or playing in a group of 3. Finally there's the the school change on kills, which is the strongest weaver Zoey has when playing solo or over leveled. Whenever you personally kill an orc (trap kills don't count), you'll change your damage type and reactivate the attack speed  buff. This is the big turning point where Zoey truly comes into her own, and with it, you'll no longer have to use as many skills to  keep the buff running.

The final weavers at level 10
offer Zoey the options of Feebee slowing enemy movement by 50% for 4 seconds after landing a hit, ditching the speed penalty on your LMB during the attack speed buff, and finally Feebee's ultimate pulling in and slowing all nearby enemies. The slowing on your little pets attack is decent for Endless, when severely under leveled, and playing with others, but it's nothing spectacular. Losing the speed penalty on basic attacks is a fun choice when you're over leveled, and I'd recommend using it when playing maps you're  already able to destroy. Last but most certainly not least however, the strongest choice, making your ult suck in all nearby enemies and slowing them for the duration. This essentially transforms your ultimate into the single strongest wave clearing skill in the game. If the level you're on is at all challenging, then this little perk will make you second guess that.

With that huge dump of information out of the way, let's simplify it a bit with actual builds and strategies!  When it comes to selecting your loadout, there's only one thing Zoey really needs, and that's Mana Regeneration. If you can fit in a fountain, or a trinket, then you'll be golden. As for actual traps, Zoey is able to support just about any build, and is strong enough on her own that you have room to play around with less powerful trap setups. Zoey is great when playing with elemental, or pure damage setups, so don't worry too much about specific trap choices. Lastly when slotting perks, Zoey wants Cooldown Reduction and anything that can boost her magic damage.

For the highest DPS Output, the weaver choices you want are Chapter 3, increased attack speed duration, chapter 5, feebee attacks faster, Chapter 9, magic schools change on kills, and Appendix, Ultimate vacuums in enemies. With this Zoey can hold down an entire lane with little support needed.

If you want to take advantage of Zoey's elemental abilities for specific element, you can swap out chapter 9's auto school changing for chapter 8s longer buff duration. When playing for elements, the goal is to cycle through abilities until your basic attack comes up what you want, often forgoing the attack speed buff for elemental affinity. It can be fun to supplement this into an all Ice or Arcane build, but don't expect to break any speed records doing so.

When grossly under leveled or playing in endless, Zoey's damage output can be less than impressive, due to it largely ramping up by constantly killing smaller enemies to maintain speed. This opens up the option for a more support oriented build, centered around slowing and buying time for teammates and traps, to which Zoey fits the roles well enough. For this role you can opt to take the boosts to book club which all provide great ways to stall out a lane, but do be wary of your inherent squishyness when you move in to use it. Bringing gear for healing and the trap reset trinket works well with this setup.

With all that said and out of the way, let's close things with a nice quick youtube video showing some Zoey Gameplay in Action! The following was a quickly recorded run of Temple Graveyard, meant to showcase her power more than anything.

Hopefully you've found the guide to be useful, and can now begin spreading some destruction with everyone's favourite little apprentice magician! If you have any questions or anything above seems a bit confusing, feel free to post here or send me a PM and I'll look into it as soon as I can

Edit: Some small edits made based off comments and recent patch. 
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  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Some Notes I would add:

    Chapter 3 is a very good answer for most situations BUT Chapter 2 can be very good on some maps that minions can be easily throw out, it moves big minions quite a lot with the weaver. Also Chapter 9 make the refresh usually too fast to not even need the first one.

    Mana siphon is the biggest friend of Zoey because she has quite large mana pool and it regenerates a % of it.

    As you said, she is pretty bad at Endless and a pain to play underleveled, overleveled every hero is powerful and some are more fun than others. I Wouldn't say she is Tier2 (I would have to see your rest of Tiers) She feels on the lower spectrum right now.

    All her skills  need casting/rooting while having low range, and her being squishy only accentuates her problem of survavility. Also his primary attack reduces her movement speed.

    For the rest, pretty accurate and quite complete. Good job.

  • SpamwagonSpamwagon Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    This is awesome!  Thank you for doing this.
  • Great guide, I really get tired of people saying Zoey is bad, she is really strong, but you do need to know how to play her. Zoey is my favorite and probably the hero I'm the best with.

    New patch notes indicated that Zoey is now Immune to damage during the opening animation to the Feebee's Wraith skill. Which is awesome!!!

    I would advocate doing whatever is necessary to get the Stun from Book Club. Book club stun helps group up enemies for Chaos Blast. I put a mana siphon on my V Tar so every minion that walks into the killbox generates mana for me, and I rarely need anything else.
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