Is Hogarth any good now?

I've been thinking about getting him and would like to know if he's worth it. I know he used to be weak, but the last patch buffed him some so now he might be playable. Also, are there any plans to give Ambush! a targeting circle like Slam It Down has? If anything, Ambush! needs it far more because of its much greater range.


  • HypovolemicHypovolemic Member
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    He still has all his old play control issues:
    1. No flexible targeting or target indicator on Ambush. Still smacks into ceilings. Still need to aim it into walls to hit nearby targets.
    2. Catch still has the post-activation immobilization.
    3. He still has the primary attack stutter.
    I think he's fine in terms of ability to complete maps, so I wouldn't say he's weak, but you are still kind of struggling against his design when you play him. Temper has a similar template, but is much, much better designed. My guess it that he'll still have all these issues until they get a chance to move him to the new hero build system they used for Temper. (If they get a chance to do that at all.) 
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I think he "works".

    Feels quite sloppy, but he is tanky. I think he isn't very new player friendly.

    For a tank with supposedly low damage, his skills are too punishing to fail (both E and RMB).
    The Shield doesn't feel that useful anymore and probably needs some buff/change.

    However, for a skilled player he can be a beast, quite fun to play in terms of mechanics if you leave aside the fact of jumping into walls :D 

    I managed to deal actually quite a lot more damage than Temper on the same map and game length:

  • OK, thanks for your responses, guys.
  • iAndyiAndy Member
    I've played with him a bit since the patch and he's pretty decent now.  I agree that they should make his ambush a target circle thing.  I imagine it would take a bit of coding to change it but it would be worth it IMO. Heck, let me see the source code and I'll do it. 
  • Hogarth didn't survive the transfer to PvE as well as some of the other Siege specialist hero's. I used to say he's not that bad, he's just not intuitive to use. But right now he's the weakest link IMO. 
  • I think Hogarth actually a rather good hero. Since I beat every other player's damage in matches which either means they are awful or he's good.

    Best tactic max out axes and throw as soon as they're off cooldown. Then find a wall in your trap room and keep jumping against it.
    His throwing axe is now good enough to destroy a rift from a fair distance.

    Overall he's still a great hero to play with but improvements would be lovely.
  • I agree with @Hypovolemic about the controll issues, if his control scheme gets a bit smoother he will feel better to play. Damage wise he can get quite rediculous especially with the 1.8 changes to his passive and how crazy the triple throwing axes becomes later.
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