Trip wire???

What is the deal, this seems so useless. Anyone have any good suggestions on this item?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    It's quite situational and I would say used in "advanced" strategies.

    Being in a low Tier and/or in low difficulty maps it's not worth to use imo because the potential of the trap scales according to the number of traps placed and lower difficulties don't allow for much of it. Also, if it isn't endless, you will need to either play with some coin generation traps (power gen, coinforge) or with low cost traps to allow your economy to use this trap.

    It can be powerful for maps with only 1 killbox and when lots of traps are placed, you can place trip wires in front of the killbox and minions walking over it will activate all the traps at once. Best use is when the killbox is full of minions and still more are coming, so you place it on front in top of the minions entering the killbox and it will reactivate everything too.

    TL;DR too short games don't allow much of it, requires a strong economy strategy and  rather well-thought killbox.
  • In game I'm level 50 and I have 30 stars into master, that's the level I am at. Also, have been using the coin forge with dobbin. I still don't think its as beneficial, I feel like its better to use a ceiling batista over a tripwire. 1500 is way to much for a consumable item.
  • I do appreciate the response though.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    It's really not a trap that fits into solo play. You need the trap load flexibility of a 2-3 team group to fit a trip wire in and it does need a lot of coordination to work around it. Frankly I think that very little is actually known about effective trip wire play because highly coordinated 3 teams are so rare.
  • I play with 5 other people pretty regularly, can you give me an example of a good idea for this trap? 
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    If you want to set up for a big combo it can help synchronize traps. A typical position is to place it right after a killbox. So when the first minion reaches the tripwire, the bulk of followers are behind him in the killbox. Once he hits trip-wire, the killbox will sync trigger putting all trap damage and utility out at once.  Given taht it comes all at the same time it has a decent chance to high combo on high health mobs.
  • I play with 5 other people pretty regularly, can you give me an example of a good idea for this trap? 
    If you have several waves left, have hit trap cap (can't place more traps), and have extra coin.
  • I think it's also worth mentioning that tripwires will trigger Icicle Impalers, which normally have to be shot to trigger. I would assume that they trigger Boulder Chutes as well. Just an extra little bit of utility if you are already using one of those traps.
  • Trip wires will now be able to be placed on top of traps. 
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