Unchained with Gabriella

Not sure if it's a bug or intended, but it did happen twice to me

Playing with Gabriella on rift lord, first time was Throne room RL, in the last wave 10 or 11 when going unchained (probably 4th or 5th time) I stayed unchained for at least 2 full rounds on the same timer (without taking any unchained pickups), the unchain timer is going down really slow

and it did happen again on Crogon keep RL, I started the unchain at the end of wave 10 and stayed unchained (same activation) during wave 11 and 98% of wave 12.

The unchained duration in both case was close to 3 minutes
Was playing solo both times, and it only happens with Gabriella never encounter an unchained duration of that sort with other heroes
Beiing unchained 3 minutes is quite fun, but pretty sure it's not intended :)


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