Try again ... and brutally rebuffed

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Years ago, OMD was a really fun concept.  And as I recall, I saw it on /.   Bought the game, much fun was had and Ash splatting orcs with some twitch and a lot of planning was much fun.

On the next iteration, OMD2, the same basic formula with more story and more options was offered.  Again to great success.  We could choose our traps and our upgrades and I admit to watching more than one Nananea video when I got stuck.  There are better minds than mine about.0

Unknown to me, who prefers RPG and 4x games, this thing called "MOBA" with this penultimate example "DOTA" happened.  Apparently it makes a lot of coin/gold/bread [United States '70s term for currency ... or ways and means]
Soon a concept for a MOBA OMD came about, and there was much rejoicing  [also dating myself, Monty Python].  I and my family loved it.

Unfortunately, the MOBA OMDU did not capture attention as hoped.  And the game design was stuck between a server MOBA and client OMD3 ... which OMD1/2 fans definitely wanted ... and now it seems we're muddling through account resets that weren't supposed to happen.

Currently, we're in a week long migration because of some business shenanigans [get your broom!].  Very well, but about one week after I decided to give OMDU another go I'm "brutally rebuffed".  I suppose I should expect this by now; it's happened repeatedly before.

So I feel I don't know ... foolish for investing time and energy into this pinball wizard of a game/concept/development idea ... oh ... and PS ... it does grate that in the previous iteration I could actually choose and plan traps and now it's a crapshoot.   I'd like this to be fun, and I'd like this to succeed ... and 1.8 is better in lots of ways ... but wow labeling something "beta" when it's not even alpha it's "concept" and then stripping hours and hours  of rewards when "promising not to" [in other posts I mentioned that devs have formula for hours -> stuff, and it could be applied to resets but the chose not to]. 

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    Thanks for the history lesson. Could you clarify exactly what the problems are?

    You can still "choose and plans traps" in your loadout. Are you referring to the trap unlocking process being random now?

    I don't know what your metrics are for he difference between Alpha and Beta. The word Beta has been bastardised over the last few years to become "special 2 week advanced play". This is Beta in the proper usage of the word.

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    Well it seems you have terrible timing... Remember to try again next tuesday when the server go back up, with even more people on the same server now, which is always good for MP games...
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    liels said:
    but wow labeling something "beta" when it's not even alpha it's "concept" and then stripping hours and hours  of rewards when "promising not to" [in other posts I mentioned that devs have formula for hours -> stuff, and it could be applied to resets but the chose not to].

    I can't speak to most of your concerns/feelings, but specifically the quote above: While parts of the closed beta may have been more alpha, ever since open beta came out there's never been a point that I don't think it should've been called that. A game with a solid base idea, a basic implementation of it, and the smaller systems of it coming into play. That's what beta is.
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  • I know the MOBA label turned off a lot of OMD fans. Me and my friend, who loved OMD and OMD2, hardly ever touched OMDU until that patch. I had downloaded the launcher, but never opened it. Not sure for him, I think he tried a few games. I've played a bit of LoL and HotS, and I absolutely hated it. "MOBA, but in 3D" was not something I found to be alluring at all.

    That said, I feel like versus mode did have some potential, but not as implemented. Personally, I think asymettrical competitive mode would have been way more alluring. Think of Left4Dead2: the versus mode doesn't turn into a glorified zombie CS game where both teams get equal opportunities to lug it out. No, in L4D2, the game stays true to itself, versus mode continues to be a story about heroes facing hordes of undead in order to make it out alive, except that this time the undead are thrown into the hands of players. Zombies remain as disposible as in single-player, except that you replace bot-level aimbots with player-level cunning and planning. Player infected may miss a whole lot more than bot infected, but they'll also be able to coordinate much more devastating ambushes.

    The potential parallels with OMD seem great. OMD had always been about armies of orcs and other creatures invading a fortified location to reach the rift. They had bosses of various levels, but killing them meant the end of them, not just resetting a respawn timer. The player, too, was strongly encouraged to never die, due to the hefty rift point penalty associated with it. Meanwhile the Order set out traps and used the terrain to try to kill these waves as much as possible. And instead of this traditional OMD experience, we were basically given a hybrid orc/order vs. orc/order gameplay. Both sides sent minions, both sides had traps. It was a competitive environment where balance was important, and thus as much symettry as possible. And thus were spawned all of the unchained minion clones, with but a few tweaks.

    I feel it would have made a much more appealing versus multiplayer experience if OMDU had not fallen into the MOBA trap and instead focused on orcs trying to get into the rift, and the order trying to prevent this. No traps for the unchained, greater death penalties for the order, only order rifts, and so on.
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