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Welcome to the very best place to talk about orc-gibbing and ogre-slaying with your fellow War Mages: the Orcs Must Die forums.

If you're new to Orcs Must Die! Unchained, or new to the Robot service (hello European players!) take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.

A number of us from Robot Entertainment are active here on the forums (and you can often find us in-game as well!). Here's a handy guide to those of us who are most active on the forums!

I'd also like to offer a great big welcome to our French and German CMs who are starting this week.

Harmonia - Global Community Manager
Sashimiak - German Community Manager
SmorcMeGoFace - French Community Manager
SixOkay - Marketing Manager
ShadeDev - Designer
MitchellW - Support
WinWin - Support
Wafflefoot - Quality Assurance

See you at the rift!

Robot Entertainment | Community Manager
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