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Welcome to the very best place to talk about orc-gibbing and ogre-slaying with your fellow War Mages: the Orcs Must Die forums. Discussions are welcome here in any language, and subforums are available in French and German. Bienvenue! Willkommen! 

We're thrilled to welcome the global Orcs Must Die community to the forums. The majority of our team at Robot Entertainment speak English and has limited familiarity with other languages (benvenuto!), but we're pleased to say that we have dedicated community managers in both French and German languages. 

Note: If your preferred language is neither English, German, or French, please use this Language Forum to post in your preferred language! 

Here's a handy guide to those of us who are most active on the forums! 

Harmonia - Global Community Manager
Sashimiak - German Community Manager
Kulina - French Community Manager
ShadeDev - Designer
Czassity - Support
Wafflefoot - Quality Assurance

See you at the rift!

Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
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