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    Yeah, so this is an old thread and peeps here say they got it in 75-100 minutes of play (on PC).  Well, you peeps don't know what a real challenge is!  On the PS4 currently, Endless mode is time capped at 40 minutes and that timer starts when you spawn in (not when you start the game clock) and doesn't stop if you pause the game.

    So, I tried a few times to complete this achievement on the PS4 and I do not believe that it is currently possible.  I did manage to get 725,000 damage in the 40 minute time limit.  To do that, I exploited a "trick" that wasn't mentioned here.  Did you know that if you suicide, your health bar at the time of death gets counted towards your damage total?  Well, I managed to take 208 acid baths in one game - averaging one every 20 seconds or so across the 40 minutes of play and it wasn't enough.  And I don't think it's really possible to suicide any faster.

    FWIW, I'm pretty sure I would have had it with another 20-30 minutes.
    Thanks will try this, but there is a trait called "Walks it off" that reduces respawn time by 12%, and the cook gaurdian's aura increases max health by 25%.
      @Berninhell Hope that helps 
  • Thanks Abnoy, I had forgotten about the Cook.  I tried again with the Cook and managed to get just over 900K damage in the 40 minutes available.  So close...
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