Questions from a returning player

Hello All,

I was curious how the scaling works for characters of different levels. When I played last (A long time ago), you really couldn't play with people of different levels. Has this changed? Can I play with my friends of different levels?



  • You can play with people of different levels.

    As far as I can tell the scaling is fixed to the level of the encounter and number of players playing.  It doesn't drop difficulty because one of the players is low level, and the low level players damage can get badly scaled out if you play too high a map.

  • Yeah, with the new level system it seems that you need to be somewhat close in level.  hmmmm. It would be nice if you can play with friends who are 10+ levels difference.
  • The new level system is no down scaling. But you easierly out scale low level players. Any where from 2x to 10x their damage out put.
    You can take them on whatever levels you have unlocked. If you go extreme circumstances just be aware it's harder than playing on your own. I have taken two crazy apprentice players on rift lord maps it was fun. Just make sure they are somewhat skilled and you have a hero that can carry and you should be fine.

    Just make sure they don't rely on you too much since they wouldn't be good players in the long run.
  • Thanks for the replies. So, it sounds like lower level players can play with higher level players, but will not do as much damage and be limited on the number of traps/etc. they have. Sounds like it will be best to keep about the same level. I guess the big reset was good for that  :-)
  • The power delta between a level 1 and a level 100 player is 4x, so while you don't want to be too far apart from each other, having a bit of a gap isn't unplayable.
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