Penalties For everyone 2.0 :D

So ill come out and say it. my Game Crashes alot and i mean ALOT, mainly the user Menu, which I'm used to it, if I crash the Games internal mechanic know, and know the difference between a Crash and a User intentionally leaving, But now I may have encountered a Lovely Bug, But first Ill throw this in the Pot, if you are in a party with your buddies and you all have a bad start, you all CAN leave or 1 person can leave and the Penalty is not triggered since it is a manually made party BUT one of my most recent Games today, I crashed 3 times since i started playing, the 3rd time saw a very scary and weird ordeal, So all of us (in a Manuel and Friend listed party mind you) where on "Gates of Thuricvod" we completed the match and we all get sent out of the game to the result screen, I obviously Crashed and logged back in I teamed back up with My buddy Combathead and we go another round.... but he cant start up... I check my menus and I've been given a HIGH SUSPENSION PENALTY???? not being 5 minutes, not being 10 but the next RIGHT after, 22 Minutes!!! ?  WHAT? ( this being at 2:20 PM Central Mountain time)  so 2 things bother and scare the Crap outta me here. 1st being when do you get penalized for a crash WHILE in a manual Team of all my 450 hours i have NEVER seen that and being how you can bail on a manual team because of a brb or a bad match and you all decide to retry I knew with experience that a crash would do what it always does, skip the penalty and leave you how you are, 2nd i Go from no penalties or maybe a 1st warning from my last "Penalties For everyone :D" straight to what looks to be a HIGHER ONE already!!!!! and from a crashed menu which should just skip penalty (mind you we where in game  and i received the notification my out of game menu crashed but i know you can keep going in game until you win the match and get booted out back to the menu and  ican just restart and re-team with my friends. so the fact i got skimped to a higher penalty and penalized over a Crash when i never left my teammates whom i had manually partied with in the first place, now has my legs shaking to even hit the play button <.>


  • and its still happening <.> please guys i need help ... 
  • Love being penalized for their game crashing. I love the game but it needs tons of improvement. 
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    I will bring this up with the team again so they can take a nother look at the situation. Thank you for posting.
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