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Building a Killer Loadout 

New to OMD!U? Not sure how to build a truly killer loadout? That's OK! With great practice comes great orc-gibbing creativity. Get the basics below, and be sure to consult the true masters of carnage for advice: the other War Mages in the OMD!U community.

What is a Loadout?

A loadout is the selection of traps, gear, and other resources available for use in each match. Each player can save up to 8 unique loadouts containing:
  • Gear x2 – These are reusable items with unlimited uses per game such as Mage’s Clover (mana regen), Vegetable of Mending (health regen), or Teleportation Ring (teleports you back to the rift). 
  • Guardians x2 – Guardians are special rift defenders that can be summoned into battle at key strategic locations in each battleground.
  • Traps x7 – The bread and butter of orc-gibbing and ogre-slaying. Traps come in a variety of types that can be configured into any number of clever, carnage-inducing combinations.
  • Traits x4 – Traits provide special bonuses for your hero, such as Bonus Damage to Enemies or Bonus Starting Coin. 
  • Consumables x2  – Single-use items that provide an edge in survival battlegrounds and endless matches. 

Creating, Selecting, and Modifying a Loadout

  • To create a loadout, select "Profile" from the top left action bar and then "Overview."

  • Once there, select "Loadout" in the upper right corner.
  • Select an available loadout slot to create a new loadout, or 
  • Select an existing loadout to modify it.

    • Type in a name for a new loadout and click "Create Loadout," or
    • Select an existing loadout and click "Edit Loadout."
  • Click on an open slot in the loadout (left side).
  • Select a card of the appropriate type to add and click it once (right side). This will add it to the empty slot in the loadout.

Be on guard! Changes to the loadout will be automatically saved unless discarded with "Undo Changes." Once you’re in the game lobby, you can select your loadout from the drop-down menu. 

Players may also modify their loadouts in the game lobby, just to make sure they're bringing the best possible set of tools for the challenge ahead, so tinker away!

Tips and Tricks

  • Bring a relatively even mix of floor, wall, and ceiling traps to help build strong killboxes and earn high combos. Don't forget those barricades!
  • Get to know the battlegrounds. Some offer great opportunity to fling orcs into acid, or lava, or shark-infested waters! Knowing which battlegrounds benefit from physics or other specialized traps is key for maximum orc-gibbing fun.
  • Guardians are powerful allies. While in the game lobby, check the battleground map to ensure the selected guardians match the available home locations. Another strategy is to select guardians with specific skills. Mix and match to find the best options.
  • New players: don't forget about gear. The Vegetable of Mending and Mage's Clover are great beginner choices, but taking them is only half the battle. Don't forget to use them!
  • Experienced players: consider using potions and scrolls to up your game and polish off difficult levels that have been extra challenging.
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