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Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are a game mode featuring rule-bending gameplay designed to create unique challenges and puzzles. Each weekly challenge is played with a predetermined set of heroes, traps, guardians, and gear. Some example rulesets are "each hero has only one HP" or "no coin is generated outside the starting coin."

The weekly challenge changes each week on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.

Playing The Weekly Challenge

The weekly challenge can be accessed via both the play and profile tabs.

The weekly challenge tab is located above the difficulty selection.

You can also access the weekly challenge through your profile.

Earning Rewards

The weekly challenge is eligible for regular battleground rewards, including hero victory chests, 3-star chests, and 5-star chests. Completing each challenge with all three heroes will earn three hero victory chests. In addition, obtaining 3- or 5-stars for the first time awards a tiered (apprentice, war mage, master, or rift lord) chest corresponding to each player's highest unlocked difficulty. 

Each weekly challenge also features a leaderboard. Challenge friends, guildmates, and the entire OMD!U community for the top score each week! Don't be discouraged if these challenges require multiple attempts. They're designed to encourage trial and error, problem-solving, and practice.

Tell me More!

If you're curious about how weekly challenges are designed, check out this developer blog from Shade and keep an eye out for a new (or returning) challenge each week!

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