Challenge Idea - You had one Job!

Let me know your thoughts or show us your attempts


  • ProtoZealottProtoZealott Member, Early Access
    edited April 2017
    Sounded interesting, so figured I'd give it a shot.

    Whose on the Bike: Myself as "Midnight", and on the other 2 seats are... A default shield guardian.. and uhh.. (*sobs alone in a corner*).

    Weapon of Choice: A delightful little Viscous Tar with the works! I'm talking 2 xp siphons (made in china), and a 20% off coupon cause I'm a cheap son of!...

    Gadget: Making it rain with my favourite little trinket throughout all the OMD franchise, the one and only, storm ring thingy.. I should really know its name by now..

    Location: Gates of Therevid, Tassadar.. Thuridan?.. Sec looking it up..   Gate of Thuricvod!?.. (Who named this anyways)..

    Mission Report:   

    Closing Notes: Waves 10 and 12, may thoroughly, go orc themselves.. Also inb4 Midnight Nerf with sabotage on the way and all..
  • Mission report received and Completed successfully, awesome job
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