Suggestion fantansy apeal

AzulzinAzulzin Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
Humble Suggestion of a Veteran in the Franchise (With more than 300 hours of play, OMDU since the close beta)
Hi, first of all I want to say that I really like the game. I play since the first game in the xbox (all the Achievements) and the second on PC (also all the Achievements). My wife and I played OMD 2 together, watching many videos on youtube, and not finding how to do the last phase of the Yeti expansion on the nightmare difficulty "playing double" we fought bravely and GOT D.
1 -With all this I can say that aspect of fantasy, the history of the game, is very important; I suggest putting a cinematic in each difficulty giving the rest of the game a story (adventure and fun, like the previous ones).
2 - I also suggest the return of the 3 girls who gave the character improvements (paid) during the phase, I forgot their names. I missed them from the beginning, they were beautiful and funny; Could put the face of each divided into the three lines of improvement, one in each, just to hear they hilarious comments as we choose our evolution kkkkkkkkk

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