Turning up late removes Jump and more

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Region: EU
Mode: Sabotage & Survival

Map: all

Reproduction Steps:

1. Launch Orcs Must Die Unchained. 
2. Login with an OMDU account. 
3. Start sabotage 
4. start the match 
5. Have a bad computer or internet 
6. Turn up late to the match, After the wait time for other players
7. Realise that something is wrong

Reproduction Rate: 6
/6 attempts. I expect this to continue. Happened every sabotage match.

 Once you turn up late to the sabotage match, me all the time, You cannot jump it does animation you don't gain any height. On other peoples screens they cannot see me trying to jump. When I try and select a spell I see this. 

I cannot press Z either so everyone has to wait for the start time to finish. Also it doesn't give me gold. (This isn't new but the team mates get given the gold).
Okay It also displays me as facing one direction on other peoples screens and so I move different speeds according to that direction. I can use spells even if I'm facing in the opposite direction. This fixes itself about half way through wave 1, But not the jump.
Expected Results: I expect there to be a longer wait time so that more people can login in time. I can login to all normal survival matches in time. But for some reason the wait time in sabotage is a lot shorter. Or if you can't do this at least give me the jump ability and spells to pick in the first wave.
I'm also not the only one getting this bug.
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  • So I just played my first game of survival. After the update. Yeah you have also decreased the wait time in that as well. Say goodbye to my jump. My character direction also doesn't change but I can press Z in the first wave. 

    I was going to show off how to get behind the minion gate on Baths but now I can't do it since you removed my jump.

    I haven't gotten late connection since siege was removed. But now you have decreased the wait time. Every match I have played I get into this glitched state. 
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Same happened to me today. Same results.

    Not every single match, but every single time I connected late, that happened.

    I also found the sabotage loading time higher than any survival before.
  • Okay same issue more bugs.
    So I turned up late for a match. This time I try to switch on my screen recorder the game crashes. Maybe not Orcs Must Die fault. But once I try to reconnect it doesn't work the game fails and gives me this screen.

    Seems like time to open a ticket!!!
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Got that Box too.
  • Oh and I clicked yes nothing happened
  • Wait the Stinkeye issue is a totally different bug moving that to a new thread. I got it on a match I didn't turn up late for.
  • To fix your character model, you just have to kill yourself. Best way Alt+K. Can't find a way at the moment to fix my jump even reconnecting doesn't fix it. 

    Also I sent a ticket, the devs have reproduced it, so a fix is probably coming soon.
  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    @EffingWorms - Our team is working on a fix that should go out with the next patch. Thanks for passing this along!
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