So I used my daily quest reset...

To reset the quest "Win 2 sabotage matches" because i have absolutely no desire whatsoever to play sabotage... and lo and behold it was replaced with "Win 2 sabotage matches". Fun...


  • Yeah, they said you're going to have that quest every day in the patch notes. Just ignore it.
  • @ProtoZealott - That could be a good compromise, for those wanting the XP quest

  • but 50xp will become pointless eventually.
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  • @raylei - I knoe I already find 50XP pointless... but some people want it and don't like sabotage so that could make a good compromise 
  • Alternatively, they could just have that quest be "Win 2 matches".  That could be Survival, Sabotage or whatever future mode.
  • I think the quest encourages to play Sabotage in a proper way. Not to throw matches too early. That's important for the success of a new game mode. They shouldn't change it until the next big patch and only if the mode settled down satisfactorily.
  • @Straggy I don't want to play it the "proper" way or even the "improper" way. I don't want to play it at all. :-)
  • Feel free to not play it, but I don't think they will change it within the next few weeks. It's pushes their new game mode and I think that many people want to play it. Besides that, I feel like a chest is more worth than 50xp.
  • i can sorta see why the "win 2 sabotage" quest is a thing but not sure about the chest reward, i mean yes it makes the quest worth doing but for the people who dont ever wanna play sabotage it seems like its just a waste of a daily quiest spot and chest chance every day.
    i mean i personaly am not one for sabotage so it sorta bugs me there is a chest i will never get each day. they jsut need to find a method of please both sabatage players aswell as the non sabatage players.
  • LorelleLorelle Member
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    I'd rather have a chest for the sabotage quest than a 50 exp quest (50 exp is something that you can earn in two apprentice bath runs!)
  • as suggested above if it was something like "win 2 matches" and haveing both sabotage and normal survival (plus any future gamemodes to come) count towards the quest should be an happy medium between both sabotage players and non-sabotage players
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