Game crashes during match and then you can't reconnect.

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I reported this on a different thread but now I realise it is unrelated.
Region: EU
Mode: On survival and sabotage

Map: Had it on two so far, octratraz and maximum security

Reproduction Steps:

1. I can't reproduce it

Reproduction Rate: 
I have had it happen twice and I'm not trying to pull it off myself. so 2 out of the 10 matches I have played today

 While playing the game the launcher unexpectedly closes. There isn't a lag spike before hand. Then while trying to reconnect the game fails to do so. Then you get this Stinkeye message:
I have gone looking for the crash files and cannot find them in the usual places. Also clicking yes does nothing.

Expected Results: It doesn't crash/I can reconnect
Edit no 1: When you start another game without closing down after this bug. You can start playing until the first minion spawns then you crash again and encounter the same message.
Also this is just a theory but just before the one crash it was just about to spawn a merc. Could be that the amount of minions get overloaded and crash. 
Edit no 2: I just crashed even after I restarted the client. Yeah maybe I broke this game for the last time.
Edit no 3: I just crash every time I play the weekly as soon as the first minions spawn. 
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    So I played orkatraz again. Both times I have played this map, it crashes as soon as the Pride assassin is spawned. Let me try some other maps.
    Edit 1: Just crashed playing Orcri-la on Sabotage. Still cannot reconnect. Was during the first wave, it spawned about half the first wave then crashed when more minions were spawning in. They started coming from top right
    Edit 2: Played Orcri-la again sabotage. Lasted until wave 4. They started coming from top left. Then the game crashed part way through the wave.
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  • I booted up steam and it doesn't crash on that. This means that this bug is only on Robot launcher, I think.
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    @EffingWorms - I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes. Please try the steps listed in our Knowledge Base here. If issues persist after trying those steps, please make sure to submit a ticket with your DxDiag and log files per the steps here and we'll be happy to investigate things further.
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    @EffingWorms That sounds a lot like you are getting an out of memory crash. What are your current graphics settings set to? Our 4GB machines have to be set to Low on both Graphics and Physics, and in some cases we even need Physics at None. For now though, so I can confirm this is the issue, if you can get your Logs from the steps in Winwin's comment that would go a long way towards getting a resolution for you if it isn't memory/system based.
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  • So here's a run down.
    1. Worms did not crash before this update.
    2. It works fine playing on steam.
    3. After it crashs this way it doesn't let him back into the game.
    4. Since for convience I am using the same type of laptop as him.
    5. Therefore since I do not crash, it must be his programs.
    6. It's probably windows 10 since I do not have it.
    7. We played this weekly challenge back in december and there was no problems
    In conclusion something changed last update (but not on steam) which created this problem. It's most likely to do with loading in minions since it happens when it loads a new one. Also it effects windows 10.
  • I have already sent in my logs they are on a ticket. And of course I am running all the worse graphics. I also closed down anything extra running, but no difference. 

    It seems very unlikely of a memory crash. Since I crash whenever an assassin merc spawns. The rest of the of the mercs work fine. And why would the my computer work completely fine on some levels but when it comes to the weekly crash immediately. 

    Well I am going to run some of your changes anyway. I'm going to report back on any changes.
  • Fixed it only needed a reinstall.
    Something must have gone wrong when I installed the new update.
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    @EffingWorms - Thanks for updating us, we're glad to hear things are working properly for you now. :) Let us know if the issue pops back up.
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    The Game gets crashed while playing and it keeps on crashing whenever it tries to reconnect.That is once a game crashes it never reconnects and we face penalty time out. This problem has occurred several times after the update of 19th April 2017(Sabotage).This problem occurs randomly either at the beginning of the first wave or after few waves.
    Is there any way to prevent this error? 
  • Had the same error check out this thread. ------->>> Game crashes during match and then you can't reconnect.
    You will probably have to reinstall the update, or some part of again. Something went wrong during the install.
  • Doom14Doom14 Member
    The same kind of issue is occurring during gameplay......
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    @Doom14 - I've gone ahead and merged your thread to keep things consolidated here. If you're experiencing the same during gameplay, please try the troubleshooting steps I provided @EffingWorms listed here. If those steps don't work, we need to see your DxDiag and log files as well to help identify any potential causes. 
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