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So, I've been out of the game for a while and when I return I'm asked to link my email with my Steam account. So I do, and it sends me a 5 digit code. Except it hasn't sent the code. I've tried resending it multiple times and I've made sure my email was correct, which it was, and still nothing.

Edit: It has now seemingly given in to my complaints and let me in without it. I'm confused yet relieved.


  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    @Bleepsy - I double-checked your account and verified that you were able to put in your code. If you experience any other issues though, please do not hesitate to let us know by opening a ticket here.
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    Same issue here, I transfered the account from gameforge, got asked for the 5 digit number, which I never received.
    The eMail-Address is valid
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    @Masato2 @Bleepsy - Both of your accounts currently show that they're verified. If you enter incorrect login information while trying to log in however, there is a bug in our system that will cause the game to ask you to verify again.

    Try the following:

    1. Exit the game.
    2. Restart your computer.
    3. Load Steam.
    4. Restart the game.
    5. Try logging in again. If you're unsure of your password, use the password reset feature.

    If you continue to experience problems after that, email us at and we'll investigate further.
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    Same Problems:
    1. Got a email from gameforge with a Transfer-Code. Going to the migrate-Site (following link in Mail)
    and entering my Email+Password+Transfercode it always says "wrong transfercode".
    Does this mean, I lost all my progress ??
    2. Reinstalling game on Steam after a view month. After starting it, it asks me for my email, password.
    And then tells me to enter a 5 digit code from a mail I should get. I never get a mail with a code.
    Restarting Computer does nothing. I can't start the game without a code I never get.

    So two massive problems. Probably lost all my progress, and now can't even play the game at all.

    Edit: Login out and relog in Steam-Client. Problem still exists.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Did you have a Robot account before the merge?
    Did you create a new Robot account when you used the code?
    If not, your credentials from gameforge (EU) are not valid now, so you would have to create a new account on the Robot side and then use the migration code.
  • Thanks for someone anwsering.

    This is all a mess. I try to repeat what happend.
    1. I am a European (the sticky at the top says former european player have problems, which I am). 
    2. I started playing OMDU when it came out (long time ago). I do not remember if i downloaded the game itself,
        or started playing it on Steam. Because Steam tells me, that I played it 108 hours, I assume Steam.
    3. Later I received a email, that gameforge-servers shut down, the game was sold, the developer changed or
        something like that and I should transfer.
    4. I did so and the Website that told me the transfer was successfull done was
       In the email was the following text:
      *What if I am a Steam user?
       You're all set. Just launch the game from Steam and log in with your Robot Entertainment Account.
       I have, after doing that, NOT played the game. Since than month passed by.
    5. A couple weeks ago like many people I received a email from Gameforge, that I can transfer my 
        progress to robotentertainment, with a transfercode.
    6. I followed the link, entered my credentials (my login-data for, the same login-data
        that I used to log in HERE), together with the transfer-code. I did NOT use the gameforge-login-data)
        It always says "wrong migrate-code" or  "wrong transfer-code". What I don't get? Why does gameforge
        send this transfer-Code? Have I not already transfered all stuff above month ago? Is the transfer-code
        invalid because I already transferd month ago?
    7. I downloaded the game again through my Steam-Client. I started it. It asks for Email, password.
        I enter my credentials for robotentertainment ( THE SAME credentials I used to login
        into HERE (talking to you). I DO NOT enter old gameforge-credentials.
       It accepts my credentials, than tells me to enter a 5-digit-code (from a email I should get, which I never get).
    8. I clicked several times on "Send me a new code", I get nothing.
    9. And here is the best: After later trying again, it suddenly tells me, that either my email or password is
       wrong. The same email, password it accepted before.

    What I tried do far:
    - Logged out of Steam, Restarted Computer, logged back into Steam.
    - verifed Game-Files in Steam
    - Went into Game-Folder "_CommonRedist" and tried to install them manually.

    I no longer know what to do. In the sticky above it tells me to shutdown my Anti-Virus (I have Avast Free).
    I for sure will NOT do this.

    Sorry for the wall of Text, but I am pissed. It is up to either gameforge or  robotentertainment to give me
    back my game-progress I already had, and to f**king allow me to play the game. I don't want to
    download the (out of Steam-)Client, because then I don't have achievements.
  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    @Rubberduck281263 Your account shows as verified but there's no Steam account linked. Which means we'll need to do a little work to get you fixed up.

    Can you please create a ticket with us at (has to be a ticket since we're asking for private info)? We'll need the following information:

    1. A link to your Steam profile, so we know your SteamID.
    2. The migration code you used.
    3. A link to this thread. (Or if you just want to copy/paste the details above)

    Sorry for the frustration, but we'll get this all straigthened out for you!
  • Thank you, for your answer.

    I hopefully send all the above mentioned info in the ticket I created and you guys (and girls) could help me out.

    Interesting enough, it seems it not so easy to find out your own Steam-ID and I never created a Steam-Profile-Link.
    but you always learn something new. 

    Thanks anyways, I really want to play Orcs Must Die! Unchained again (and keeping my former progress ;)

    I apologize for my english (it is not my native language).
  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    @Rubberduck281263 - No worries at all, your English is great!

    I checked our system and have not seen a ticket from you yet. When you open the ticket, please make sure to include a link to this forum thread so that we can easily identify the steps you've already taken.
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