Statboy wants Stats from sabotage

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I'm hoping at some point we can see which team stat's have the best and worst win percentage. This will help develop strategy for the game and show imbalances.

For instance in my incredibly small sample size of the 3 games I've played. The team whose hero's did the most damage have won 3-0, while the team whose traps did the most damage were 1-2. I would love to know if this holds true throughout a large sample.

Win percentage of each hero, kinda like you guys sometimes referenced in siege would be nice to know as well.

To the other players, have you guys noticed any trends worth mentioning? I've had an Ivy for a teammate in every game and the other team had an Ivy in 2/3 games. Back in siege she had the highest win % of any hero, I remember a dev mentioning once, is she back to being really strong again?

Well off to keep playing and spending more time on the post game score screen than I did playing the game.


  • Here are my thoughts :
     1. Use Bionka
     2. Make a choke point
     3. Place decoy barricades 
     4. ?????
     5. Profit
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