TNT archers randomly spammable for a few consective spawns in sabotage

GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
I had a case (I had this happen twice total so far). Where I could span a card minion spawn multiple times before it became greyed out.

Last time this happens I took screenshots.

Notice that the TNT archer spawn message shows 7 times and in fact large numbers of archers indeed appeared in game on the opponent map.

When this happened notice that the card count is negative on the card in game. After I selected the card this happened.

After the game checking my consumables I have a positive number of tnt archers in my deck:


  • WafflefootWafflefoot Member, Robot Entertainment
    Thanks for the report! We are looking into this right now. In the meantime, bask in the glorious rage that must have been induced in your opponents when the sun was blotted out by Dynamite.
    Quality Assurance Ninja, Master of the Two Star Village
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